August 23, 2008

This and That

I am getting ready for my "Beer of the Bike" Ride out to Sly Fox Phoenixville.
I've got my comfy crouchers and my jersey on...completely geeked out. Ready for pain.

30 Miles. twice.
Longest ride I have ever done.
The good news is that it won't be too hilly for 90% of the ride.
The bad news is some beer loving crack head stole my bike.
He can start his own crack of the bike group. I am borrowing one and hopefully Lance will be putting different tires on it.

I've done two beer dinners over the last two days. One about five miles west of Harrisburg in New Cumberland @ Scott's Grill. 75 people. Largest group I ever presented too. What a great night. The majority had never heard of Sly Fox.

I didn't agree with the order of the beers or some of the pairings but the beer and food was great. We had Gang Aft Agley with the main entree- chocolate porkchop with smoked melon. Interesting... I love that beer and have no idea why its still sitting in Origlio's inventory...

But other than meeting great people and drinking our scotch ale for the first time in five months...I see no reason to ever go back to New Cumberland. Sorry New Cumberland.

Then straight to Mount Holly, New Jersey. I had to meet up with Gary Monterosso and his video crew to film a few segments for "Still Crazy After All these Beers." I am not sure if you've ever seen it...but its a "Beer Lifestyle" video pod cast. I will be a "beer correspondent" of sorts from time to time. My debut show had me talking about a firkin as we were about to tap one at High St. last night.

High St. Grill is located in Mount Holly is about 45 minutes outside the city.
They are the only good beer joint for miles and miles. People drove in from ATlantic City to be a part of the festivities last night.

John and Nancy Mcdevitt are true pub pioneers in the area.

Highlights of the night were the Firkin of PALE Ale, Saison Brune, and The Styrian Hop Project.
The styrian was paired with crabbed stuff jalapeƱos. They definitely set my oral cavity aflame.
But the IPA complemented it well and hosed down the inferno.

Okay. I am off. Wish me luck.
60 miles to sexy calf muscles!

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