August 6, 2008

Upcoming events and Name that Nipple #2

I am running around mad right now-=-but I have much to update

when the mad running stops-=

*recap on Lance's trip
*Ommegang from pints to pinatas
*Latest Dish pairing event

*TRIUMPH barrel tapping of Framboise- THURSDAY night be there by 6.
I was class clutz in 1992 in the YEARBook.....Let's see what clumsiness remains.

*SLY FOX BLOB nights coming up (tues : Midnight movie at the POPE)
(wed: 9:30 at N. 3rd) blob ale limited release and a flick, why not? The n. 3rd night is a mixer

*Allagash tasting night at South Philly Tap Room at 7. 12 on Tap and Rob todd!

* "Homebrewed" Live and Local Thursday the 14th- at Triumph: a night of local bands and good beer. More details to follow. This has nothing to do with actual homebrew.

But for right now, let's play another round of

"Name that Nipple"


  1. Gotta be Johnny Goodtimes. I'd know that nipple anywhere.

  2. That looks an awful lot like a keystone homebrew shirt, so I'd have to guess it's Larry's nip? Since he's friendly with those guys.

  3. Ric Hoffman. The hop hawaiian gives him away.

  4. Where are my props for being right? I want my comeuppance, danggummit!

  5. we've got a winner!
    Stay tuned for name that nipple #3 next week.