August 19, 2008

You can steal my wheels but you can't keep me from Riding out to Sly Fox !

So the recent theft of my Specialized Rock Hopper is more devastating by the day.
I miss my bike.

I've been searching for a new one...but nothings come my way to date.
Actually, if you reader, yes you- have a bike you think I might like, I'll buy it from you.

But this Saturday Janine Carroll Bike Loan inc. will hook me up for a few hours so I can do my second Beer of the Bike ride.
Beer of the Bike invites any beer loving cyclists to join them one day a month for a ride to a beer destination. July was out to General Lafayette. It was a scenic ride through forbidden drive.
A beaut of the day. Everyone was so friendly. When In Pursuit of Ale meets, almost every week a lady comes out for the first time-=-=-=sometimes with a mild nervousness about meeting new people.
I always tell them the IPA ladies are the best and there's no reason to be remotely anxious.
So I figured it would be an experiment to put myself in that situation. But then I ended up knowing 3 or 4 people so it doesn't even count.

The beers tasted great that day. And BRewer/owner Chris Leonard was around for a quick chat which was an added bonus. We sampled framboise, abbey dubbel, Matrimonial (his wedding saison) The bikers were collectively pleased. Here's some snaps-=-=-=

SAturday 10 AM the BEER OF THE BIKE will ride out TO SLY FOX PHOENIXVILLE (what a coincidence;))

Its about 30 miles each way. Riding on a smooth path for most of it.
If you are interested in riding email

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  1. I wish I didn't have to work so damn much. the Gen Lafayette trip sounded awesome (love biking Forbidden Drive!), as does the Sly Fox!