September 2, 2008

21 is GOOD but 24 is BETTER:My weekend solving Mystery beers

So I am fully recovered from Mystery Beer Weekend @ the Memphis Taproom.
Lance and I went Friday night, Sat Afternoon, Sat. Night and Sunday mid afternoon.
We put our time in. We actually had separate ballots. We weren't agreeing on a few things. Lance forgot his on Sat. and gave up. I got really into it. I gave some way too much thought.

For instance; there were Five Belgians but only three slots in the Belgian category - so you had to deduce where Spanky placed the other two. It ended up being Brett and Brown. But the MCchouffe had tasted a bit funky- so one had to wonder is this Petrus or MCchouffe. And the Twisted Thistle. What the heck. It's an IPA. Its not nitrogenated. Did he get a cask? Did he actually put it on Nitro? I had it slated for Nitro. Spanky said it was going to be placed there. But I think their website has it as a Greene King instead.

I struggled with the nitro/ cask.
So as of Sunday afternoon- I believed I only had 21 right that technically placed me 2nd. But as mentioned prior to the event- this was a one winner contest.
But I must admit my honorable mention just got a pinch more honor.
I looked up the Mystery Beer Weekend BEER lineup in order...and according to their website
I got 24 right! The website lists Bear Republic and Anderson Valley as the first two IPAs. I did get credit for Blind Pig.

The winner, Jim Keaveney's reflection. His victory was well-earned. As the taproom's website mentions...Jim started solving the mystery at 12:01 on Friday afternoon.
Just to give you a background on Jim.
Jim has 3 to 4 homebrews on tap at any given time.
He can often be found at the Grey Lodge, or Nodding Head, or Memphis Tap room...He's also leaving for Germany in two weeks. And he's married to a hottie beer lover, Michelle.
Its Good to be Jim Keaveney.


  1. Oof! Suzanne! Sorry for any grading/accounting errors! We were so beat up by Sunday night when I posted the answers online! It's amazing i didn't crash the whole site! I'll take a closer look tomorrow! We've had a few days off! Clear heads! Will post photos and also the details of the HONORABLE MENTION-EER!

  2. Thanks Leigh... Your hard work allowed all of us to have so much fun. I'll be recapping it for ale st. news. Can't wait till next year. I am going to have to drink a bit more cask and nitro ale before next August.