September 1, 2008

Bite of the Week-=

Bite of the week is not at a bar for once.

Sabrina's and Spencer's too.
Everytime I eat there...I order the thing with thirteen ingredients (sometimes they forget one or two). And I immediately regret it as it sits and swings in my stomach all darn day.
I thought I would order something with Sand in the title since I didn't see the beach all summer.
Not that I care. that much.

Down at the Sand Dune Meixcan Breakfast Tacos

Grilled Flour Tortillas (2) stuffed with scrambled eggs with Mexican cheeses, crawfish, chorizo, Mango, Green Bell Pepper topped with tomatillo jalapeno Lime salsa with black bean and avocado sour cream. Served with homefries.

Also remember Sabrina's is open for dinner. BYO.

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