September 22, 2008

But (d) seriously?

This may have already flowed down the beer blog stream- but it was just brought to my attention last Wed.

I was on Coaster fairy duty and went to drop off some off to the P.O.P.E. I heard they were in desperate need of the cardboard rounds and I was happy to help out. It turns out the majority of coasters sitting on bars around the city don't even have the represented beer on tap.

Such is the case with Budweiser at the P.o.p.e.
But what was on the coaster was more disturbing than the liquid itself.
Bud has launched signature glassware...
with labels and descriptions as to why the shape and design is best for the beer tasting experience.

Oddly similar to the vessel that our Boston Beer friends vaulted in spring of 2007. Why is a beer giant like AB copying off the Craft beer industry? First with the new American's great lager" campaign-= now this.

The glass was accompanied by a tv ad campaign which received a lot of panning on Ad industry sites.

Here was one of the comments:

"1/2 cup of Logo treatment
1 2/3 cups of Boasting
2 750ml jugs of hot blonde
1 table spoon of token black man
1 particle of pun

bake in oven at 355 C for 25 minutes and enjoy a dry and tasteless bite of badvertising"

This from the same agency that won an Emmy for the"swear jar" spot...

And for your very own critiquing purposes...

In other P.O.P.E. news, owner Dennis Hewlett has been patiently stashing a few specialty beers.

He will be tapping them at the same time during the next month. Stay tuned.

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