September 17, 2008

Come to my BEER trivia TONIGHT- bonus points available in advance

BRIGIDS celebrates 1/2 way to
Philly BEER WEEK all week...
see the full schedule over here.

I will be joining them on behalf of Sly Fox
tonight at 8 pm to host a beer quizzo with sensational prizes. Questions will range from Technical and Geeky to Beer culture including movies and music.

Come out if you can. There will be lots of Sly to drink And just to give you a little extra encouragement here's six questions to give you a head start with Bonus points.

1. In 1998 Guinness launched a new version of Guinness which totally baffles me. What was it?

2. What brewery took home the Gold Medal at the GABF in 2007 for the American Sour Ale Category?

3. Who was mistakenly sent 2000 pints of beer two days ago? They were supposed to go to a pub around the corner.

4. What is the number one selling beer in Belgium?

5. The word Hops comes from the Anglo-Saxon word "hoppan" What does it mean?

6. What time did Nick Johnson retire after Larry and Whitney's wedding and a Keg stand of Saison?



  1. Just got word that Tom Kehoe and Steve Mashington have formed a team. they are also trying to recruit the beer brain of lance romance.

    Mashington has offered the reward of a date with lance if you can beat their score.

    I am not sure how I feel about this.
    Alls I know is that one time Lance wanted to take me on a date to Applebees using gift certificates.

  2. Eatin good in the neighborhood