September 25, 2008

Happy Hour @ Society Hill Hotel tonight $2.75 Sly Fox FLOATS then the Unofficial OFFICE season debut party at Jose Pistolas

Down with computers and the viruses that attack them!

My dell Latitute is under the weather today. When I got a parking ticket this morning at 9:54 even though they weren't supposed to start their Day ruining until 10 am- I barely cared because the Trojan Horse virus that's stampeding all over laptop is of a bit more concern.

So It is only now at 12:37 that I have found a computer to send out a reminder of the following festivities THIS very Evening.

All welcome-=

society hill hotel

happy hour. $2.75 Sly Fox Oreilly's Stout and Helles Golden Lager

I will be in Icecream mode topping off the stouts if you should so desire for free. I repeat Oreilly's stout floats for $2.75.

That's a deal.


9 pm @

JOSE PISTOLAS (15th and sprucish)

its the unofficial the OFFICE SEASON debut PARTY

Enjoy $2.50 cans of SLY FOX . pils pale weisse
followed by

It's ALWAYS sunny in Philadelphia

the can special continues

and next thing we know
its the w e e k e n d .

and lastly Lance will be out and he's off tomorrow....most know what that means

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