September 29, 2008

Kite and Key goes CASK this WEDNESDAY

this WEDNESDAY October 1st
KITE AND KEY (19th and Callowhill by Rose Tattoo)

We'll be tapping a firkin of SLY FOX PHOENIX PALE ALE.
Last time I had this beer cask conditioned it was phenomenal.

Come learn about real ale and watch me get sprayed with beer
(for the second time this week;)

Also this week
Eysian night @ MONKS.

firkin @ Kite and Key
*REad the beer lass column in PW about the new Bella Vista Beer and Soda

for me the Felice brothers...for you?

I am off to the SEttlers Inn in Hawley to do an Oktoberfest.

*10-4 Good Buddy pairing event at THE GREY LODGE...enjoy miniature pairings that Scoats has come up with
*Kennet SQ beer fest
*MIDtown Village Fall FESTIVAL -head over to Fergies and get yourself some SLY FOX

Bella Vista
Open house

sorry for lack of is at the doctor.
Hopefully life will return to some state of normalcy by wednesday...

Then I will have the rewind on the weekend...
Oktoberfest @ the armory was great.
Finding my car was broken into for the third time earlier that morning...not so great.
Actually quite crappy and now I really have to move.

SO__Anyone know of an apartment up for grabs?
Keep in mind- though I am a millionaire... I don't want the bulk of my fortune to go to my residence.


  1. Bella Vista on Sunday is going to be soooooo awesome!

  2. The grand opening of the new and improved Bella Vista Beverage should make you think of moving back to your old stomping ground.