September 4, 2008

No more crap beer during FOOTBALL season

I don't know why people compromise their beer preferences on Sunday afternoons from September to January.

NOW- they don't have too.

St. Stephen's Green and Bishop's Collar will be featuring Sly Fox Pils (maybe some other varieties)for $3 during Sunday Football games throughout the season.
I will be there as often as possible.

Kicking it off this Sunday, Sept 7th. I'll start out watching the birds at St. Stephen's whilst getting some brunch...then mosey over to Bishop's Collar for the 4:15 games.

Our Brewmaster Brian O'Reilly will be there to kick it off too.

Hopefully they play as well as we're drinkin'

Also- St. Stephens and the Collar will be pouring a few Sly Fox specialties over the next few days...head to fairmount and get some.


  1. 1. BIRDS, is always capitalized, during football season!
    2."Hopefully ..." Come on Suz it's only the first game.
    3. Our quarterback is healthy for the first time in years.
    4. If you didn't know, the 5 yard facemask penalty has been eliminated.