September 12, 2008


Tonight is the NY Beerfest. It takes place at Pier 17 at the SeaPort. Its kinda cool because its outdoors on the pier and it kicks off at Five on a Friday night. Now that's a happy hour.
Looking forward to seeing the Neibhur brothers in their homestate of New York.
New York.
Yesterday was the 7 year aniversary of 9-11.
Lew's blog got me thinking today about where I was 7 years ago. I had lived in Philadelphia a few short months. I was serving tables at City Tavern, a recreation of the founding fathers 1770s hangout. And was certainly not in a phase of heeding Franklin's words of
"Early to bed. Early to Rise"It was quite the opposite. Pints of Sam Adams at Nick's Roast Beef were downed nightly and last call was at 2:15. So my first words the next morning weren't usually until 11 or so. But I stayed in on the 10th and woke up quite early on the 11th. I started some coffee and turned on the news. And screamed for my sister to come into the living room.
I was shocked. I was frightened. I thought of my high school sweetheart that lived there.
That was really the only person I knew. He was safe. But 3,000 other people weren't.

Four years later, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close hit the book shelves by writer Jonathan Safran Foer. It was one of the first novels to deal with the terrorist attacks of September 11. It follows a nine year old boy who has lost his father on 9-11 as he tries to find the meaning of a key that was left behind. I couldn't put the book down. Foer kidnapped me for three days. I read it while walking. I read it while on the phone with others (how rude). I read it till my eyes were crummy. I started to want to save the world. But I knew I couldn't make it safe. Four 747's proved that. I wanted to make it happy.
I started to invent ways to do just that.
The r-6 train to Philly drops you off in the worst mall in the history of shopping malls. But- for one moment I wanted to buy something from every store- just in case they didn't make a sale that day. Even the Persian Rug store. Then I wanted to hold the exit door open all day long for all the passerbys- just in case they were used to it closing on them.
I wanted to do something- anything- to let someone else know even if I didn't know them- nor them I - we were in this together. so then I decided to smile and say hello to the next person I saw whether they were a panhandler or a pimp.
Right then- dust blew in my eyes. I couldn't see a thing.
But when I could - I smiled at an elderlywoman in a black and white swirled dress, carrying a bag that weighed more than her. She was cute. But she didn't smile back. "That's okay." I told myself. Maybe it was her sunglasses.
I'm looking forward to hitting up the Whole Foods in NY. Maybe beerkraft.
The camera is STILL in the shop. so don't expect too many pics...but I will report back on Sunday.

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