September 9, 2008

South Philly Tap Room taps Shroeder. SPTR fans will cheer

The back and forth surrounding the departure of Michael Zulli from South Philly Tap Room has been almost nonstop.

I like Zulli. I never ate the Lion..but I- as many were- was a fan of the infamous Blue Pig.
The Pork Cheeks didn't make me do Cartwheels...but I did have a great strawberry salad.
But then they took it off the menu. So I understand why many said it was up and down because it was up and down for me...

The SPTR sent out a public press announcement stating that Zulli was out. But who was "in." They mentioned that old menu favorites would return. But who would be preparing them?

Got word last night- and I think its public so I don't get in trouble... the well-respected Scott Schroeder is in. Scott rules. He's unfortunately leaving the Latest Dish where's he's been cooking since early 2007?

His background runs the map from Deuce in Northern Liberites, Pasion in Center City( he left both spots a long time before they closed doors) even a brief time at veggie haven (heaven) Royal Tavern in Bella Vista. He knows how to prepare a variety of cuisine. But I think for SPTR, the crowd wants great bar grub and He definitely knows how to do that well.
The food should make you as comfortable and cozy as the beer.
The new menu should be out within a month.

I don't have a pic of him..but here's his pork mignon.
and here's his scallops- obviously not my photo...

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  1. This is good news. Let's hope there's some $8 burgers with fries instead of a $14 bison-bacon burger. We've been going for years and recently took some friends. The foot-long fish stick was impressive, but everything was WAY overpriced. I was starting to prefer the Devil's Den and was reluctantly letting go of Spinal Tap.

    Looks like I go back. Next month. - j