September 18, 2008

"Taylored" just to your liking: Pork Roll Hot dogs @ the Khyber

I realize my incessant praise of pork roll may be curious to some.
My best friend is a vegetarian and lectures me on my meat consumption.
I wish I craved greens like she does but I don't.
She can have her tofu but the swine is mine and as Depeche Mode sang " I just can't get enough."

So yesterday- I was planning on eating healthy. Saw some pics recently that I was less than thrillling. But when I walked into the Khyber to drop off some Sly Fox coasters and say hi to Paul the bar manager, my eyes came across the menu board.

And my heart skipped a beat.
Pork Roll hot dog. it read.

I grew up with the "taylor ham" porkroll as a constant in my refrigerator. (Apparently there's a divide halfway through the state of New Jersey on what to call it- here in Philly I am pretty sure its porkroll)
But its circular and has two slits in it. You can make it animated like Pac man.
It's not a link...or at least I didn't know it could be till yesterday.

When it arrived, it had a slice of american cheese covering it and was enveloped by a Potato Roll.
I was sipping on a damnation, Russian Rivers strong golden ale.

Suddenly the Lancaster Milk Stout tap handle ten feet away didn't bother me quite as much.
Well at least four five bites. I wasn't going to let anything dilute the perfection of the moment.
But it definitely bothered me the two hours following.

Stout has been pretty steady for us. A few new and upcoming handles
Artful Dodger
Kite and Key on by 19th and Callowhill
and soon- Azul Cantina

Also- make sure you swing through the renovated Dawson St. They pour a nice pint- and they're only $2 on Monday nights.

There I go wanting to just make this about a pork roll hot dog and it ends up being an advertisement for Oreilly's stout. whoops.

Back to the PorkRoll Hotdog--= get to the Khyber and have one.
Their porkroll hotdog makers are usually on duty till 7.

In other Good Hot dog news


  1. I have never heard of such a beast and am dying to try one - Pork Roll Hot Dog (drools on self) ridiculous!

  2. I told you, you should just change the blog title to "I'll Have Another Pork".

  3. Stop eating our buddies! Signed Arnold Ziffel, Wilbur and Babe.