September 14, 2008

Weekend Rewind < < < a Beerfest and a beer wedding

I headed up to the Big Apple on Friday afternoon for the NY Beer Fest. I sat in traffic for a I finally reached my destination of the South St. seaport around 3:00.

It rained non stop the entire night. I was sheltered for the majority of the five hours.
FIVE hours!
I remember looking at my watch at 8:30, looking at the sea of ponchos and thinking there's and hour and a half more of this?

Four hours is plenty.
Got to see a bunch of folks. Jeff Wells, Spencer and Ryan, Jeff Oneill (Ithaca- more on them later), Manny, and Manhattan beer folk. I met this interesting guy who kept telling me how much money he made. That was sort of annoying. Then he started telling me how much money his wife made. Equally annoying.
It was a good time. Lance came up with me - but spent the majority of his day in Brooklyn at an MBAA meeting at Gutter. He boasted a Bowling score of 24o which you can call his bluff on next time you see him. I have never been bowling with lance other than wii bowling. But I just don't believe that he would have flawless frame after flawless frame.

I didn't sample anything I haven't had before. I drank mostly Sly Fox, and sipped on some Allagash and South Hampton. The afterparty was at the Heartland. I was pretty tired. I had a chat with a NY beer rep that was giving me the scoop, his scoop, on how Sly Fox was doing in NewYork. After a bit we took the shiteshow on the road and went to a bar that Spence and Ryan referred to as their "standard tap." It was called the waterfront ale house. Not too many people were there which was good- no trouble getting a beer. I was a bit miffed that they didn't have three of the beers I wanted...but got over it pretty quickly.

We wrapped up the long evening at Sarge's diner. The most massive portions of meat I have ever seen. Lance got a Milk Shake. (he LOVES milkshakes.) Most of the guys got the 3rd Ave. Which involved pastrami and corned beef. I got a bunch of roast beef over Potato pancakes with applesauce. I forget what its clever menu name was...

Here's some pics.

They shall remain anonymous.
That silver bowl was filled with a mutant portion of coleslawwhere's the beef? there's the beef.

We had some great muffins the next day and headed back. I had to go straight to the riboff in No Libs to make sure they had buckets to keep the beer chilled. Then I ran to Tequilas to do a Sly Fox beer training. Then Ran home, threw a dress in a bag and headed to Adamstown to celebrate Larry Horwitz and Whitney Thompson's recent nuptials.

It was a special night. You knew you were at their wedding. Not just another "feeling hot hot hot" congo line. Larry performed "Brown Eyed Girl" for whit. Whit surprised friends and family with "At Last" by Etta James. When everyone was applauding her and claiming they didn't know she could sing, "she modestly responded with "I didn't know I could either!"
Larry's father provided entertainment throughout the evening with keyboard, guitar and vocals, singing a variety of songs.
The beer line up included a variety of, you guessed it- Iron Hill and Troegs beers. I managed to avoid the Troegenator for the majority of the night to stay out of trouble. I opted for a couple glasses of Saison and Hopback. It was great to look around the room and see so many familiar faces toasting such a dynamic duo. The after party was hosted by Chris brugger and
nick johnson* in the Holiday Inn parking lot. A good time was had by all. Highlights include a wardrobe change for Stewart's Ric Hoffman. But the best part of the night is when brugger inspired a change in the Holiday Inn bulletin sign.
A team effort managed to rearrange the words to say "He brew She Brew."
*Co party planner Nick Johnson retreated to his hotel room in the first twenty minutes of the party following a keg stand of Saison. Whether or not this retreat was self-imposed is unknown.

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  1. twenty minutes? it was a little longer than that.... retreat was not self imposed.... I was escorted back by my future bride... she knows how to handle me... god bless her soul