September 23, 2008

Wilkommen Brauhaus Schmitz!

I had heard a while back that South st. would be served a little slice of German Pie in the quarters of the former American Pie/Adobe. But loose lips do indeed sink ships. So mum was my word.

Enough with the cliches already- this is the grammar blooper that occurs when I don't drink enough coffee.
I was quite happy today when I saw that the news is now public that there will indeed be a German Biergarten back in Philadelphia. Hopefully by next Beer Week.
Brauhaus Schmitz.
I know the owners, Doug Hager and Kelly Schmitz. They pop into Jose Pistolas from time to time.
Great People that spent time in Germany and were planted on the payroll at Ludwigs as well - I think they have an idea of what does and doesn't work.

The location will raise a lot of eyebrows...but I am optimistic for them. Something as specific as this- should still draw activity to South st. and maybe, just maybe, some others will follow their lead. Kirsten Henri has more for you over here.


  1. "The location will raise a lot of eyebrows" My only complaint. But great news regardless!

  2. Yes! And closer to my house than Ludwig's was! I still kick myself for not going there more often when it was open. Nothing beats a nice Aventinus :)