October 15, 2008

Fava for hire.

Do you remember the Royal Stumble 2007?
Or I guess I should ask do you remember the handout?
It refers to Tim Roberts (YARDS) as the nicest guy in Beer Philadelphia.
I agree. But if there was a runner up for the esteemed title, it would be Mike Fava.
And as I type this I have to say-=
formerly of Dock St.

Ben Potts will be the new brewer of Dock St.
Fava has a gigillion interviews lined up and he will find a new brewery sooner than my next bite of pork.

But here at IHAS, our fingers are crossed that our favorite dude, Scott Morrison (3rd nicest guy in Beer?) isn't too far away from finishing his grand plan.....and said grand plan might just include Fishtown's very finest Fava bean.


  1. Whoa, what is this grand plan?

  2. wow, congrats to Ben Potts, he's a good guy and a great brewer, sorry to hear Mike is out of there though.

  3. I heard the Dude's opening a 24-hour coffee and shrimp bar, built over the trolley line. But I could have that wrong...

  4. Damn, Mike's stuff was stellar.

    Something ain't right if this is what, the 5th head brewer in a year or so since they opened?

    Hopefully wherever Mike ends up is local so we can all continue to enjoy!

  5. Yeah, this is weird. The new guy will be their 4th brewer in a year. What the fuck? This place is sliding backwards. The food has gone south too. What a shame.

  6. Actually ben potts will be the 3rd official brewer. Good luck to him and I'm sure he can handle the challenge!

  7. Julius, Scott, Fava, now Ben

  8. This is really sad news... As I type this I am enjoying his stout at the good dog bar in center city. Farewell Mike, here's hoping you'll land somewhere with less of a turnover than ye olde dock street!

  9. Fact: Mike was the 2nd brewer. The new brewery, Ben, was the assistant brewer. The original consulting brewer is still there.

  10. Fact:

    1. Scott Morrison
    2. Julius Hummer
    3. Scott Morrison/Mike Fava
    4. Mike Fava
    5. Ben Potts

    That has been the order the of the brewers at Dock Street.