October 14, 2008

Going way BACK: Egyptian Brewing

One of the ladies from the IPA, Elizabeth De Luc, sent me this picture after visiting the Boston Academy of Fine art. Note that 50% of the "staff" are women!

"This wooden tomb model depicts the scene of a brewery. Three male and three female figures are at work. The men are painted a reddish-brown, while the women are painted yellow. All six are wearing white kilts and black wigs. One man carries a stoppered jar on his head, while another carries two cylindrical containers attached to a beam across his shoulders. The third man is leaning over one of three variously sized beer vats. An additional tall shouldered jar sits nearby with a small, red jar of globular shape resting on top of it. Two women are leaning over a table/bench, likely working with grain and/or bread. A third, smaller woman sits in front of a black-painted, cob-like implement. All components of the scene are attached to a wooden base."

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