October 4, 2008

I'M BACK or should I say the Dell is back.............Cafe Estelle to kick off the grand re-blogging.

I made it up.
It's kind of like a grand re-opening for my blogging world.

AHHHHHHHHH. Its a gorgeous autumn afternoon. I will soon make it to the
Midtown Village fall fest.
But right now I am relishing in the fact that my computer is back. and Healthy.
Even better than it was before the virus. I now have photoshop installed so prepare yourself for some snazzy somethings in the future.

I am listening to some Herbie Hancock.
drinking a smuttynose pumpkin. I'm not being pelted with mutant nutmeg seeds. It's tasty.
The sun is out. The laundry is in
Everything is on an upswing. And I have one spin cycle left to blog about CAFE ESTELLE.

As most of you know the name Estelle means "star."
And a simple yellow star can be found in the logo of Cafe Estelle located at 4th and Callowhill area.
and this e s t e l l e is blinding but in a good way.

As I frequently mention, there's a too long list of places that I have yet to go to.
Many of them are BYOS.

Cafe Estelle opened in November of 2007.

I am embarrassed that it took me nearly a year to get there. not to find it-=- but to get there.
Once you know its located at the bottom of 444 lofts its rather visible from the road. And its much larger than I thought it would be. After reading Craig Laban's review last Sunday, I knew I had to finally go, finally make the list a little shorter.

It has industrial colors mostly black and blue, but then yellow fall flowers placed on each table brighten it up.
The brightening isn't left to the flowers alone. The service is pure sunshine.
And the food, well the food is still making me glow 24 hours later.

Though I tend to steer clear of cream cheese.. I had a feeling that Marshall Green's house-made bacon, scallion, cream cheese Omelet would be worth venturing beyond my dairy comfort zone.

The tomato fennel soup was good. maybe I wanted it a tad creamier but it wasn't cream of tomoto fennel soup...so- It's just my issue at the end of the day that I want everything in life creamier and more fattening.

Lance ordered French Toast (or course) with
Apples and Cinnamon Cream Cheese.

By the time the omelet arrived I had already had
*the perfect orange* juice
the *perfect Chai latte*
and the perfect* idea of what toast should be *(precise panini grill ripples and soft butter)*

I kept thinking, "why can't I make eggs like this?"
I finally asked Manager/ owner Kristin Mulvenna the secret. Marshall uses Locally Brown Eggs.
There's no milk added.
He must have perfected his whisk.
Because they were perfect.

They are open for breakfast and lunch every day.
If I could afford to live at the 444 lofts I would eat there every day.

But Cafe Estelle is certainly affordable.

And with toys for tikes, floral apron-clad cuties taking your order,and recipe cards from yesteryear decorating your table--=-= it's rather adorable as well.

DEliciOUS and adorable.***

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  1. Here I thought the name Estelle (Getty) was the draw for you at this cafe ;-)