October 28, 2008

"Music to my Ears"

I've been very lucky this month to squeeze in not one, but two concerts. Both intimate shows.
I walked out of the Merriam theatre on Saturday night following the Magnetic Fields, feeling so lucky to be in that audience. I was reminded of a feeling I had experienced just a few weeks prior at the Unitarian Church when I saw the Felice Brothers. Doing sales for a brewery, dabbling in beer writing and running a beer club for women no doubt takes its toll. Sometimes I take a step back and hope that I am not taking years of my life.

Up to the very day I turned 30, I admit I almost felt invincible. Not anymore. And I make sure I take as many vitamins and drink as much water as possible. Even tie up those running shoes once in a while...

Seeing these two shows donated a different feeling. I felt like I added years to my life... oh the joy of seeing the Felice Brothers cover Townes Van Zandt's "Two hands" or perform their own "She loves me Tenderly," listening to Stephen Merritt sing "Book of Love..."

Just a little reminder to check out listings, be it Johnny Brenda's, the good ol Khyber Pass, Merriam theater,Unitarian Church, make sure you see some music soon.

And in the case of the Merriam or the Church, may I recommend sneaking a few Sly Fox cans into your purse or pocket. And don't think about "trouble anymore."

The Magnetic Fields

The Felice Brothers covering "two hands"

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