October 8, 2008

My turn: Coopers Brick oven and Wine Bar BEER LIST

After reading about all the beer and wine hubbub- that Jack Curtin would not refer to as hilarious hilarity- I decided to venture to Main St. Manayunk myself and check out the scene.

(I also had to drop of Sly Fox oktoberfest stickers.)

It was at an odd time of day- around 3:45- so no one was there. There were no young twentysomethings. Except my roommate and she was drinking beer. And they had a great beer list. The bartender had mentioned that he was personally excited that Coors Light wasn't even on the menu.

So-what did they have?

On Draft
Atomium Grand Cru
Sly Fox Royal Weisse (Now Oktoberfest)
Boulder Mojo IPA
Troegs Rugged Trail Brown Ale
and PBC's Walt Wit

Dogfish Indian Brown
Eel River Organic Pale
Hitachino Nest (couldn't see which style)
Chimay Blue
Saison Dupont
Stoudts Fat Dog Stout
Voodoo Pilzilla

Not too shabby. Maybe some of their neighbors can even take some pointers.

I checked out their menu before heading west and I had already decided I would get the short rib pizza. $13

I also ordered the beets and goat cheese. The beets were HUGE. The goat cheese portion was not. But I still enjoyed. And felt healthier for it.

The service and the food were great. It's definitely worth heading down.
Just make sure you stop at Old Eagle, Dawson St. or the Ugly Moose while your in the
19127 zip code.


  1. More precisly, the bottle list also contains...gaffel kolsch on draft, stone ipa, yard's esa, brooklyn brown, chouffe houblon, franziskaner hefe-weisse, sammy smith taddy porter & lindeman's framboise in addition to those already mentioned

  2. sorry real deal-= I just jotted down a few bottles I could see from my seat..I should have mentioned that it was a excerpt of sorts.

    I love stone ipa-=-=

    thanks for reading.

  3. its a shame i didnt know you were in my neighborhood. i have been to coopers a few times and drank sly fox but my friends and i are currently on strike due to some bad service a few weeks ago.