October 19, 2008

Newtown Beer Fest-= recap

Newtown beerfest has come and gone. 5 1/2 hours of it. Long day.
The residents of Newtown definitely had their share of craft beer.And not so craft beer.

I didn't run into too many of the usual fest going crowd.
I did see Michael, the mayor of Penndel that I met at the Hulmeville Inn Last April.

*Lagunitas gets the award for kicking first.
Trevor was pouring Cappucino Stout and IPA.

*Brooklyn gets last pouring award. Not that their beer wasn't desirable, they were just a bit more lax on stopping the taps at times up.

*Origlio Bev. gets best Wholesaler award. Those guys were on it. Anything I needed from extra hands to a staple gun. They were there.

Other notables-=

*The Unibroue's Quatre-Centième (400) to celebrate the 400th year of Quebec City.
*Sly Fox poured Black Raspberry Reserve
*Nick Johnson shared a sneak preview of his wedding homebrewed Saison (it was delightful).
*Stone and Clipper City were no shows. Which upset me at first but knowing that I wouldn't be tempted to sip on Stone smoked porter all day made me happy.

I had the BEST pork sandwich. It can't really count for Porktoberfest because I have no photo. But it had broccoli rabe, sharp provolone and long hots. The bun wasn't too hard or to soft. The entire sandwich was just right.
The sandwich was the art of Tre Fratelli, located in Langhorne, Pa. Hometown of Lew Bryson. He's one lucky guy. This was the BEST pork sandwich I have had in months.

Newtown gave $100 to all participating breweries. Next year they will buy the beer entirely.

In addition to trying to compensate the brewers, they also provided complimentary pretzels and bottled water to attendees on the way out.

Nice touch.

The waterlady slightly resembling the late Great Estelle Getty...even nicer.


  1. Believe it or not, I worked at Tre Fratelli for 3 years in Junior High and High School... Ric

  2. Had the same pork sandwich and I agree with you, it was awesome... however my saison is not homebrewed it was brewed at troegs.. with much better results then my last attempt at homebrewed saison...

    overall a good fest, nice crowd, we ran out of beer a little early but not too early... awesome day for a beerfest... I'll take that weather any day overtop of pouring in june-july-august festivals.

  3. Matt from the BEER YARDOctober 23, 2008 at 1:21 PM

    I live right near here ;-) . . . . only 12 minutes from SF Royersford


    2. Angelina's Italian Kitchen, Pottstown
    Heading west on Route 422 into a nasty thunderstorm, I wondered if this
    sandwich recommended by a colleague would be worth the round-trip drive of
    70 miles. I had my answer when the waitress set down a perfect package of
    pulled-apart pork, sharp Italian provolone and sautéed-to-order spinach on a
    toasted 12-inch roll. This endearing 24-seat BYOB, with potted petunias
    flanking the front door, rooster-print tablecloths and gently worn captain's
    chairs, bested some of the top big-city sandwich kings by getting every
    detail exactly right. Matt McGonigle, grandson of the restaurant's namesake,
    roasts fresh hams with basil, garlic, red wine and olive oil, then shreds
    the meat by hand, giving the sandwich a chunky texture. McGonigle's own
    preference is for broccoli rabe, but he serves the sandwich with spinach
    because his customers prefer less bitter greens. Red pepper flakes are
    omitted, also in deference to customer tastes. The result is anything but
    plain (864 East High Street, Pottstown; 610-705-1833).