October 27, 2008

One to go!

Building off the momentum from this evening, I am confident the Phils will seal the deal tomorrow on their hometown turf.

Tonight, we split time between Bridgids and Aspen.
Bridgids had the great pumpkin fest going on. I am pumpkined out so I got an Anchor porter.

For a mere $25, you could get

*Butternut Squash soup with roasted pumpkin seeds *Crispy Duck with Pumpkin risotto *Pumpkin mousse cannolis

We weren't especially hungry so we got two soups. ((Lance refused to share soup with me.))
Then we wanted dessert but alas it was a done deal for the evening, which brought us a block away in search of an Aspenita. I think I have written about the Aspenita before.
It's a banana cheesecake wrapped in Phyllo dough and fried. Deep fried cheesecake.

I opted for the pumpkin pie which was sooooooooooooo one more o good.

It is actually my first piece of the season. I've had way too much pumpkin by the pint, so it was nice to fork it up and drink an O'Reillys stout.


JOSE Pistolas of course. I will be bartending there.

They have a tv downstairs for the week.
Drink Specials.
come visit.


  1. Pumpkin Mousee Cannoli's will be a new menu addition throughout the Fall and Winter!!!

  2. I have no clue who you are...but WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE SHOES??