October 28, 2008

Porktoberfest Day 16: the Ripley's edition

Its almost worthy of Ripleys "believe it or not."
and I am almost not sure even I believe it.
But, my source, Xavier, seemed like a pretty authentic guy, so here goes...

The final day of Porktoberfest brings you "Pig Ear lasagna"

I have no actual photo or taste test of this. But apparently this guy up in Boston makes it. He substitutes Pig ears for pasta.

I hope everyone enjoyed Porktoberfest...
A few of the venues we covered....
D's Dogs
Memphis Taproom
Ida Maes
The Four Seasons
North Third
Pub and Kitchen
My kitchen
Belgian Cafe
Iron Hill
and more

May you seek out the swine whether its National Pork Month or not.

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