October 23, 2008

The ultimate POrKTOBEFEST: BBQ off at SIDECAR tonight

Adam Ritter vs. Scott Baver.

Tonight's the night.
The bbq smackdown.

Will Adam come flying off the top turnbuckle to clothesline Scott Baver?

Will Scott Baver's sauce have enough kick to drop kick Adams?

5 till ??
22nd and Christian

I'll be judging along with other bbq afficianados, City Paper's Drew Lazor and Foobooz's Kirsten Henri.

*Specials on Legacy and Reading Pils
*Some sweet bluesy tunes

and a nice size tv which should have the game on (probably silent given the aformentioned sweet bluesy tunes)

It can't be anything but a good time.
I think I am going to wear my "Eat more bacon shirt."


  1. i think you need to change the name of this blog to "porklass"

  2. Don't listen to the vegetarians Suz.