November 4, 2008

B a z o o k a!

The original Bazooka! gum has been discontinued.
Perhaps the Rush River Bubblejack should suffer the same fate.

Beer Advocates gives the Wisconsin IPA a average rating of "B" perhaps I had a bad sample...

But it truly was Bazooka meets Butter. Another person suggested a little accent of Pepto.
This Lobster soaking liquid was an India Pale Ale?

IHAS tries to be positive....its all about discovering great bars, beers, food, and folk...but every once in a while something comes along so disappointingly offensive, that I must acknowledge it.

AND I do so in the hopes, that someone leaves me a comment that they love this beer, and then by all means I will give it a second chance.


  1. Had to be a batch gone bad. Still, I'm finding myself increasingly less tolerant of flaws like this.

  2. Bazooka hasn't been discontinued. You almost gave me a heart attack. I love that crappy, stale gum. I used to buy tubs of it for baseball season.

  3. if we only had a picture of your facial expression when you tasted the ipa gone bubbly gummy. it was priceless. and that beer was miserable.