November 10, 2008

"Earth" to lunch!

Stopped in at EARTH: bread + brewery yesterday. This was my third Sunday there.

As April Annie and I drove by to find parking, we spotted a band inside.
That makes live music t w i c e in one day since we went to the Victor North Jazz Brunch at Nodding Head.
More on that delicious experience later.

They kicked off the live music for the first time last night. I think they're going to do it every other week. Just one of the many things I enjoy about Earth is their music. Every time I'm there I can have Tom Waits singing to me while drinking fine beer and eating fine breads. Bucks County coffee co has a slogan,
"Because life can be this simple." And I think that's more than applicable to Mount Airy's new Brewpub as well.

There'll be more and more on Earth but for now I am happy to report that they will be trying out LUNCH this Friday. Also stay tuned for updates on guest brewery events.

Tom's got a Gruit ready to go...a nice alt on tap, and a belgian Dubbel, Li'l Peylon all worth a trip to Germantown ave. alone... Then there's that mexican pizza,the friendly bartender John, Old American Brewer journals dating back to 1994, and a little jazz in the background...making the trip all the more necessary.

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