November 7, 2008

Gratitude:Thanks Joe 6 Pack

I went to check in on what my foobooz friends were up to, when I saw there was a link to
BEER Radar and Don Russel's Daily News article today.

One of my favorite topics: Big Bottles!

Don makes the argument for toting big bottles to BYOs, mentioning price, suggesting more than a few options (no sly mention ;( though). And following up with many outlets that you can purchase 750 mls of greatness at.

He even mentioned a few beers that weren't on my "radar" at all, like the East End Gratitude.

There are so many different foods out there that simply don't go with wine.

Are people seriously bringing cabernet to a sushi joint?

I made Lance a rosemary herbed porkloin on Saturday. I had picked out a pinot noir and a gewurtztraminer.
Mistake. I really thought, wow a dunkelweizen really would've hit the spot.

Next time you go to a byo...don't necessarily dismiss wine. Maybe bring a little of both, and you won't know which course you'll pair with with which bottle.

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  1. Patty and I just had this conversation again last night (as we often do). We went to Birchrunville for dinner; arguably our most consistently favorite restaurant in the region. It's a BYO and we always make a point of taking at least one bottle of beer...big bottles usually, but small bottles as well. For example, An Orval (with apps), a Brooklyn BCS (with desserts), etc etc. Last night, it was the Tomme Arthur Signature Ale collaboration with de Proef. Last month, it was the Saison Imperiale from de Proef. Ironically, Don mentioned them in today's article.

    Without going on any longer (sorry), I wholeheartedly agree with you. I don't care how upscale, pretentious, wine-centric or whatnot that the restaurant is...order a beer to go with dinner. Not every restaurant will stock the bar the way we'd wish, but if they do...order a beer. Even better, when going to a BYO, do not give into stereotypes or pressure and take only wine. I can't tell you how many conversations with waitstaff and other customers have begun around the topic of pairing beer (cooking with it as well) with food. Some know of the merits; many do not. This is something that I (and I know you are as well) am extremely passionate about and it's up to likeminded folks to continually bring beer to the dining room table. Thus endeth the and drink; go in peace :)