November 5, 2008

Halloween 08

I can't let another day go by without recapping our Halloween @ Fergies.

I missed the phillies parade getting ready for an evening of white russians, karaoke, and key lime pie.

We had a big lebowski theme. I thought it was rather interesting that hardly anyone came as they same character. I was a little urban achiever. But unfortunately it came across like a catholic school girl which was so 1997. Lance was Carl Hungus from the Logjammer video that is in BL. STeve Mashington was the director of the movie. The birthday boy was the Dude his lady friend Julie was Madge. Fava was the jesus. It was difficult to award prizes because there were so many great costumes.
Jenny Hobbs was biggie shorty...she would have been a prize recipient but she didnt come as a big lebowki character, neither did wonder woman (who also looked great).
So prizes are as follows

PRIZE for risking not attracting women for some time goes to STEVE MASHINGTON
Prize for creativity goes to LANCE
Overall prize for best costume goes to MIKE FAVA

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