November 6, 2008

Hey Mitch Steele, check out my Ham Shank!

There are no words to describe the embarrassment of yesterday. I shall try.

I had "dried out" for a few days and was ready to toast the president elect in true presiding drinker fashion. That would include helping kick a firkin of George Washington porter at Jose Pistolas.

I was in great spirits. 'Twas the eve before a "soup off" I was going from the judge's table to the hot seat.
I was to compete against the owner of Legacy brewing co., Scott Baver. Baver was 2 and 0 in cooking competitions so far this season. The pressure was on. I love soup. I could eat it all winter- every day. I found a few recipes of interest and decided two combine all of them. This warranted a trip to 9th and Christian. It musted a ham hock.
Look out House of Pork, here I come!

I whipped up an instant friendship, or respect at the very least, with the gentlemen at Cannullis House of Pork. They told me I was their kind of girl. How flattering. ME! A butcher's dream gal.
They explained to me that Split Pea and Ham recipe recommends a ham hock because they are cheaper. I quickly let them know that expense is of little importance in a soup off. I purchase 2 ham shanks for $5.20. not bad. I wouldn't leave before inviting them all to the POPE at Dickinson and Passayunk.

I then went across the street to see my buddies at the House of Cheese, Dibruno brothers. The ingredient search continued with a focus on garnish. I needed Cheese, Serrano Ham and Truffle oil. I worked with Zeke Ferguson who was equally entertaining and informative. I ended up with a gruyere cheese. I can't stand gruyere. gross. But its not about me. Its about the guests of the soup off. They might love gruyere and hate manchego.

I first had to go to Tria. They were hosting Mitch Steele, the head brewer of STONE. The man that brews Ruination, the liquid poem to the Glory of the Hop. I was pretty excited to meet him and share that I would be pairing my soup creation with his Smoked Porter.

We chatted briefly. He was dandy. Then it was off to Joses where I was just loving life.

I had a bag of my ingredients, I had the confidence of a starling chef. I had my favorite philadelphians in the room, and Sam Cooke was singing in Heaven"A change is gonna come."
When Barak Obama was elected to our Nation's head honcho, I decided that he would want me to toast our nations next four years with John Jameson's distilled delight. He also would probably want me to open that bottle of 2003 DFH 120 minute IPA that Brian Silfies gave me.
Thank goodness I split it with five or six people allowing me to have just about 5 oz.

Lee Marren (of STONE brewing co) and Mitch Steele came back to Joses and then we went to MONKS. Eddie was my bartender. we were at the back bar.

The closing hour was upon us. Mitch had to board a plane back to Golden State first thing in the morn. I really enjoyed his company and I guess I wanted to make sure he remembered our time together. And what better way to do that then pull out my Cannuli's bag and give him a good look at my ham shank.

And now we come to the ever popular "Things I did to embarrass myself yesterday" question, "who does that?" Who shows their respect for one of the nation's great brewers by bragging about their meat products?
I do.

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  1. Embarassing would have been " I bent over and my left boob popped out". Thanks for saving me some of that 120. I thought we had a deal. I saved you some of the Utopia. Speaking of which, I'll be bringing what's left, to Earth later. Hope to see you there.