November 22, 2008

Philly MArathoN tomorrow! Brunch @ the TIEDHOUSE

Anyone want to cheer on beer-lovin' runners?

Lance and I are hope to greet Bryan from the Brewlounge, Chris Leonard and others, pat them on the back (they might just fall over). and then head to TIEDHOUSE for brunch.

The Tiedhouse is at 20th and Hamilton below the cityview condos.

email me with any questions.

GOoD LucK Bryan and Chris.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks Lass. Be sure to steer yourself clear of wandering nipples. It'll be cold out there, and you know what that means!!!

    I'm going to post some estimate times over at my site so anyone out there will have an idea of when I might be where.

    Plus, a handful or two of Fishtown Beer Runners might be descending on The Tiedhouse as well after they do the half marathon....probably around 10am arrival for them......dress warmly