November 3, 2008

Roy Pitz featured at Khyber's Craft Beer WEdneSday

This Wednesday 11/5 - Happy Hour w/ Roy Pitz Brewing from Chambersburg, Pa. They'll have Pitz's tasty Watermelon Lager and Ludwig's Revenge Rauchbier on draft for $3 from 5-7 as well as some Roy Pitz goodies to give away.

Plus they'll be grilling up some Brats w/ kraut and spicy mustard.

And trust me those Khyber kitchen folk know their pork!

For a bit more on Roy Pitz, check out their website.
They even reveal the history behind their name.
I am not quite sure why they dub themselves "america's freshest brewery"
Does that mean they grow their own hops on premise?
I guess I have to dig a bit deeper...maybe even head to Chambersburg myself.

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  1. The watermelon lager is delicious!!!! Love it!!