November 22, 2008

SOUP OFF: Week 3 Some people aren't pumpkined out yet...

This weeks Soup Off

Potsie the bartender vs. Scott Baver of Legacy Brewing Co.

They were the soup off season's first match. Scott Baver beat Potsie with his Italian Wedding Soup made with Legacy Hoptimus Prime.

This week they crafted Pumpkin or Butternut Squash soups with Buffalo Bill'soriginal Pumpkin Ale. I believe Buffalo Bills was actually the first one in modern times. Of course it was a popular pick in the colonial times.

One had peanuts. Which was interesting...but warranted a skewer of some kind. It reminded me of a chicken satay sauce.

The other had a myster ingredient which is still baffling me, but one Pope patron likened it to Baby Food.

Well Baby Food won the bout this time around. And the babyfood soup was the soupmanship of Scott Baver.

In two weeks I go up against Scott. Beef Barley using legacy Brown eyed gal.

Here's my own soup creation this week. A very simple veggie rice...
Tons of black pepper (once again) and a 1/2 can of dunkel lager.

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  1. Your soup looks like the way I make soup. I call them STOUPS (or maybe it's STEWP?) Either way, it's like a hybrid between a soup and a stew, kinda thick for a soup or a little runny for a stew, whatever!