November 12, 2008

soup on soup off- Tonight @ the POPE 6-8

TONIGHT is the soup off of all soup offs...well, for now.
Until next week. When that will be the soup off of all soup offs.

This week soup off features, yours truly vs. Potsie.
Who is this Potsie? This john lad -hailing from Pottsville.
Pottsville? the home of swill? but...

# 1 redeeming quality...He hates Yuengling Lager.

A little bit more about my opponent ...
Favorite Band: Bowling for Soup
Favorite Food:Soup
Hobbies: Makin' Soup
Favorite Show:Talk Soup
Favorite Comedian: "Soupy Sales"

and in my corner...

Favorite Band: Meatloaf
Favorite Food: Meatloaf
Hobbies: Making meatloaf , drinking beer, speed dating, speed dating during miniature golf.
Favorite Show: Chelsea Lately (especially when she's making fun of meatloaf)
Favorite Comedian: Jenny "Raging Panda" Hobbs

I received a text message this evening warning me that I have a tough soup fight ahead of me.

No trembling here in brewerytown.

I have made not one, but two soups. There's definitely one I favor. But the other one might be more of a crowd pleaser. One's got mo' smoke and ones got mo' pea.
Come out to dickinson and Passyunk and get your pea/smoke on. 6-8.
that was weird.

Hope to see you.


  1. Swill? I'll have you know that Yuengling makes it's lager from only the finest corn! And it makes one hell of a corn chowder...

  2. fave movie: "duck soup" perhaps?

    not sure i can make it before 8 (i can't eat you friggin soup anyway)but i'll try to show up shortly thereafter.

  3. You should change your name from Beer Lass to Fat Ass

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Thanks anonymous.
    I was thinking about trying to lose weight and that was just the motivation I needed.

    But big buts do run in my family...

    wish me luck


    fat ass

  6. Hello!
    I came to your website through Matt Guyer's recommendation. I am publishing a holiday beer article with Matt's expertise. It will be up on my e-magazine this Thursday.

    I hope you will read it and enjoy it!