November 21, 2008

A sweet lucy's laugh

Lance had to make a glycol run to the Northeast the other I met up with him @ one of my favorite bbq places, Sweet Lucy's on State Rd.
Just about a fifteen minuted drive from center city.

This time I opted for Pulled chicken...with plenty o' pickle from the Condiment table,
Creamed Spinach and Virginia Green Beans-= the Virginia translates to "with ham."

I noticed this funny sign-=-thought I would share with you on this Friday afternoon.
Drawing his own conclusion...


  1. Thanks for the offer for pork, but I was bogged down and couldn't answer my phone.

    MMMMMMM....Sweet Lucys.

  2. i was plugging that spot back when we worked together bbq in the city!!!!

  3. Sweet Lucy's is the best BBQ in Philadelphia. I've noticed that sign, too.