November 2, 2008

Today we Fall back....

Today we fall back and I will go back into my week and share stories of city wide glory as well as halloween hootenanny.

Wednesday night was Beer Club @ the Tied house... I posted it weeks ago, before that would be the final game of the world series. I didn't really have a gage on how many women would show up.
I think it was nine. We had two special guests, one being my high school best friend, Rebekah, and the other being Jenny "raging panda" hobbs' father, Mike. Mike missed his train and he needed to kill some time so he crashed beer club.
He also inspired us to cheers the Phils with whiskey. The beers were great. I wouldn't order the Cuvee again, that was a blend of His Belgian ales, but I enjoyed the Brune on its own and the framboise once again.
As soon as this happened...we cashed out and got out to broad st. The Tied house was kind enough to keep a bag filled with about 14 cans in the cooler for me. What a moment. I am as anti-high five as they get and I probably gave just about 50 high fives before I even got to city hall.

Excitement personified. A few fans showed their support for the World champs by climbing on traffic lights and tearing down road signs. Those fans got tear gassed. These cops were no nonsense. they were everywhere. And they were rather calm until 2:00 hit, then they would take out their sticks in a second if someone didn't move forward.

We spent some time at Joses, where I ran into more than a few familiar faces.
Then I decided I would hold a late night dinner party and made food for a few YArds folk. What's lack of sleep when the Phillies just took the greatest ball park annual honor.

I was too busy to make it to the parade on friday...but I felt like I had my moment on wednesday night. I was worried about getting separated from my friend bekah towards the end of the night.
I hadn't heard from her and thought about little else until I got a text from her the next morning:

"don't know how we got separated last night- but I'm glad we were hanging for what I will call one of the best nights of my life."


Halloween flashbacks next....but off to the world's largest pinata for now.

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  1. good times woods. what a week. im so happy you crazies woke me up on wednesday. amazing.