November 28, 2008

turkey for me turkey for you

Today was great.
turkey. eagles. glazed carrots.running. nephews.

no beer. but they'll be plenty in the days to come. Lance cellars beer in Conneticut

Last night was a bit crazy. Maybe as crazy as 1993 actually was.
Here's some wiki info on what happened 15 years ago.

Here' s picture of what happened last night... another April Annie Jennie Hobbs craft beer dance off. >>>>>>

It was a 1993 party at Johnny Brenda's. a mere $5.

Despite the nonsense, I felt great when I woke up today.
Before I left the house, I drank a bit of Port Brewing's "Santa's Little Helper." It was delicious. I love it as much as bart simpson loved his dear misfit pup. And its not a bad value at $9.95 at the Foodery (if you get a mix-a-six).

I got a call about an hour after I woke up informing me that everything that I thought I knew about my day's forthcoming thanksgiving- was about to change.

We ended up going to my sister's in-laws in Fort Washington.

That way almost the whole family could be together.

It also gave me a few more hours to organize my self before my travels tomorrow.
I went running, Made Mushroom Dip, dropped Sly Fox stickers off at St. Stephens Green
(go drink some Christmas Ale there or at the Bishops collar next time your in Fairmount).

Dinner was a delight. The typical effects of the triptifan weighed heavily on me.
Luckily I made it home safely.

I finished off my day baking cookies for Lance's neices. I even got magenta sprinkles.

That way even if the cookies suck, they'll still like that they're pink- and that they probably match their dress.

Here's cheers to the official beginning of the Holiday season.
May my wallet-- and my appetite--not dry out.

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