November 26, 2008

turkey pizza...

I love pizza. And on my last visit to the grocer-=- I purchased a pizza crust.
I think I am going to Make leftover Thanksgiving Pizza instead of sandwiches this year.

This is the first year I am responsible for 2 dishes. Last time they put me in charge of anything- I brought guacamole to my sister's Patty's house and she was not happy.

So what if the avocado wasn't introduced until 1908.

I'm bringing mushroom bisque (tons of tarragon) The recipe called for Brandy or madeira...that simply translated to Sly FOX dunkel lager for me. Turned out great.

Tomorrow I will be spending some time with my pops and my sister. just a small little gathering..then off to the constitution state first thing Friday morning.

Lance promises that the shopping is tolerable up there on black friday.
we'll see.

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