November 24, 2008

Winter Warmer sampling sessions @ Joses + Joe Sixpack's Christmas Beer Book

Saturday afternoon while I was trying to be responsible and run errands, I should have been frolicking on 15th st. as Jose Pistolas is hosting Saturday afternoon Winter Warmer tastings from 3 till 6..

If you would have made it there this weekend, this is what you would've sampled.

Smuttynose Winter Warmer
Southern Tier's Old Man Winter

Buffalo Bill's Blueberry Oatmeal Stout
Bell's Winter White

as well as a sneak peek of Christmas ales.

Jose's also put out a buffet of turkey, stuffing and fixins.

They will be hosting the Saturday Winter beer sampling sessions up until Christmas.

This week Don "Jose Sixpack" Russell joined them for a book signing.
I got a glance of his new Book @ Teresa's next door the other night....
"Wishing you a Merry Christmas Beer"

A big recommendation to all. And to all a big recommendation.

Don goes into the history of Christmas beer, and give great descriptions of a variety of International Holiday Beers.

You can buy it here...


  1. I believe the winter beer sampling sessions will be every other Saturday.

  2. It's not Smuttynose Winter "Warmer", it's Smuttynose Winter Ale. Harpoon makes Winter Warmer.

  3. I just cut and pasted from something else on the web. I should've been a bit more careful. I was at the foodery yesterday and saw the bottle as well.