November 18, 2008

You win some you lose some: tradition wins over innovation

Tradition won over innovation last Wednesday at the Pub on Passyunk East. And it won big time. I lost 23-13 votes

I can't go into All the details of my soup recipes just incase any of you are future contenders.

But the common feedback was that mine was more of a sauce....people would rather sample it as an accompaniment rather than a main course. Some said it had too much garlic, some commented on the black pepper (but I don't think you can have too much black pepper in anything)

Mine was a bit o this and a bit o that with yellow and green split peas, Sly Fox Dunkel Lager, Sly Fox Rauchbier, and 4 ham shanks stewing for about 4 hours. I made the soup three days in advance to give it plenty of time to sit.

I got a bit crazy with the garnish. Greated Gruyere, Cracked Black Pepper and Truffel oil on each miniature soup that went out....

But the "people have spoken"...and they voted for tradition this time.

Big chunks of ham and potato. Definitely not truffel oil.
This week's soup off will be last weeks champ, Potsie vs. Legacy Brewing Co. Owner Scott Baver.

Pumpkin or Butternut Squash soup using Buffalo Bills Pumpkin Ale.

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  1. I won gold for a chili recipe and then a few months later place second to last at the Victory chili cookoff. You're right, win some lose some. Taste is a funny thing; congrats for entering.