December 6, 2008

Hoppity Hop Hop Hippity Hop Hop right down the R5 Lane

Today is IN PURSUIT of ALE's 2nd annual Holiday Hop.
We've managed to go from 3 suburban adventurists yesteryear to 13 this year!
Easy math tells me that we've quadrupled our numbers.
And also added in a lad or two. So if you're in the Paoli, Wayne, Malvern area today --

We'd love for you to join us for a pint.

Ladies- when you arrive at Market East you will need to purchase 4 tickets total.
Should be about $18.
The rest of the day will be pay as you we no one gets screwed.
We can also do rounds...

Tentative Schedule

LEAVE Market EAst 1:10
ARRIVE at Teresa's 1:49

LEAVE Wayne @ 3:49
Arrive at TJS 4:00

LEAVE TJS (with the potential of coming back)6:30

Arrive in Malvern @ Flying Pig at 6:33

Just in case you get caught up or left behind...

the Last r5 train leaves Pig @ 11:30
TJS @ 1:04
and Teresas @ 1:14 am


1 comment:

  1. oh I mean- quadruple plus one.
    how dare I?

    that comment doesnt make sense. and doesn't end in a period.