December 15, 2008

The POPE supreme chili cookoff recap

Soupy Woods 3 am Fire Extinguisher Chili

The majority of the chilis seemed to be on the hot side. So I embraced the fact that mine was flavorful but not full of heat. Sure I had chipotles, Jalapenos, and Green Chilis in there..but it wasn't that hot. The cinnamon and nutmeg added a pinch of sweetness. So- I thought "Fire extinguisher" was appropriate based on the spiciness of my competition.

The 3 am part? Unfortunately that's when I was making it. I had no time earlier. When I awoke on Sunday morning My Turporken looked like greasy chili soup. It was a chili emergency. And I had no time to contact the Food Network and "Ask Aida" what to do. So I drained it, then pureed one more can of beans- and chili was saved.

And so it was....that I took 6th place dishonors in the chili cook off yesterday.
I wasn't last place, but I wasn't far from it.
I think there were 11 chilis.

I actually predicted the winners.

First place was Birthday Boy, John Clark of Le Virtu.

He prepped up a mean and mighty fine mango chili with Oxtail and Habenero peppers.
His inventiveness didn't end with the contents of his chafing dish. His sign was great. It was the second Bea Arthur reference I came across in three days.
It looked like this...

Second place was This popular fella, Chub Rock.
Chub had been a judge in prior chili offs, so he knew what it would take to win.
Both he and 3rd place winner, Paul brought home made jalapeno cheddar cornbread as well.

They bothe prepared traditional chilis. Paul's had a bit more of a slow burn.
Both were delicious, I slightly favored chub's because he had crocked a bunch of pork products.

It should also be noted that Jenny"Raging Panda"Hobbs backed out of the chili cook off after a mystery illness. She also cleaned up my chili disaster of a she's off the hook.
Stepping in a bit late in the game though was YARDS Steve Mashington. Smashington was able to secure Hobbs spot at the table next to me. He also provided me with transport to the grocery store and to the POPE day of. Smash really thought he was going to win. His chili had 11different peppers. He said his secret weapon was an anonypepper from his mother's garden.
He enlisted the help of YARDS workerbee, Johnny to help us decorate our table.
We may not have had the best chili but we sure as heck had the best chili decorated table.
Mashington also said "Im not going to lie to you" at least once.

I am selling Steve Mashington talking dolls for Christmas.
Pull the string and hear your favorite Steve Mashington catch phrases.

Potsie and Dennis the Popemaster


  1. Say it ain't so but one of your pictures it looks like your drinking a bottle of Bud!

  2. that would be the beer of choice of the 2nd place winner know as chubb rock.

    My line up for the day was
    Sly Fox Rauchbier
    Founders Breakfast Stout
    Oreilly's stout with a little Black raspberry reserve
    Stone IPA
    ANother Oreilly's stout
    and ended things with PETRUS aged pale ale(one of my all time faves)
    I was there for 6 1/2 hours -=just in case anyone was thinking that was a lot of beer;)

    No bud. Not since I was at Lance's grandmom's house.

  3. My faith has been restored. I was hoping it was photoshopped in!

  4. I am so sad to have missed this event! I guess there is always next year.

  5. i would like to order one of those dolls pls. preferably w/ an extralong string so that it can talk to Javier while i'm gone all day:)