December 9, 2008

The second greatest bagel experience of my life

Sunday morning Lance and I were going to go on yet another Suburban adventure.
I've been talking up my favorite brunch to go to as a youngster- the William Penn Inn on 63. Granted we couldn't go that often... it was a special treat. Tables and tables of inspiring edibles. I had a prediction that Lance would probably never leave the sweets table...but the as the world turns, we would never leave Philly.

He had agreed to go but -alas all the ressies were taken up til 1:30.
So if we had to stay put in the city...I suggested we go to new turf.

I found this cozy spot in Port Richmond, called Cafe Hinge.I read on the interweb that one of their signature dished was a fondue bagel. Tomato and swiss cheese on an everything bagel.
I don't really need generic swiss cheese in my life. I can get into gruyere but none of that holey stuff.
We shared that and then lance ordered a grilled pear salad (a surprising twist for a man obsessed with Frenchtoast) and I ordered a "fancy sausage "skillet- said fancy sausage being chorizo.

It was good but heavy and greasy and immediately regrettable. I kind of had the full, sluggish feeling the rest of the day. The place was charming. Music could have been a bit less Billy Joel. Service was friendly and rotated amongst 3 late teen/early 20s Port Richmond girlies. I couldn't help but notice the one washing dishes was sporting a Spice Girls shirt.
The spice continues in the kitchen, where many dishes of note or served with Jalopenos, chiles and chorizo. They have a lightening bolt on the menu to give a heat wave warning.

I left full and fat yet remained inspired by the bagel.

How could I possibly customize it a bit more to my preferences...
So this morning I made an everything bagel (from hot bagels on 3rd st. by Oneals) with roma tomatoes that had been sauteed in garlic, locatelli cheese, cracked pepper and kosher salt, and melted mozz over it. Placed it on the bagel and voila!

It was the 2nd greatest bagel experience of my life. The first was probably Cafe Hausbrandt which is now closed.

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