December 13, 2008

The Supreme chili cook off @ the POPE SUNDAY 12-4

Chili Lovers everywhere- Consider yourself beckoned.

The POPE tomorrow is hosting their
1st annual Supreme chili cook off.
12 till 4.
Passyunk and Dickinson

It will be my first chili.
my first crock pot cooking experience.

Its free.
There will be a variety of meat and veggie chilis.
Tables will be set up festival style.
Mashington is making a chili called Quetzlzacatenang...

Here's the JUDGING CRITERIA. There will also be a peoples choice.

1. Color–Reddish, reddish-brown or brown are OK. Excessive grease mars appearance and taste.

2. Aroma–Chili should not smell burnt or unpleasant.

3. Taste–A really good taste will stand out.

4. Consistency–Chili should be a GOOD MEAT AND GRAVY combination. Meat should be tender but not broken down.

5. Aftertaste–Residual taste should be PLEASANT and AFTER-BITE may also be present. The absence, presence or level of bite is a matter of personal preference.See you there.

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  1. And my awesome secret pepper has made the chili rad!