January 31, 2008

The mother of all that's tasty and skillfully terrific- Lance and I head to UMAI UMAI

If you google the meaning of "Umai"
you get----
1) "Mother" in Arabic
2)"Absolutely terrific" (random rant---when did EVERYONE start saying absolutely after EVERYTHING??? At first I just thought it was the sassy m.y.l.f. I used to work with...and whatever she said sounded great..so even I adopted it...but now it's two years later and the majority of people I encounter throughout the day are anwering every other question..with ab-so-lutely! ENOUGH. I am even talking to myself as I type this.)
3) "skillfull"
4) "tasty"

Umai Umai entered city stage north (of spring garden) last April
(22nd and green).
Lance had a coupon forever or at least two months. But that's still a long time to hold onto a coupon. He's getting ready for senior citizenhood already.

Umai was an option for his birthday...we opted out and went for southwark instead (one of city's best restaurants... according to me....still trying to not lose sleep as to how this beauty was overlooked on PhiladelphiaMagazines 's top 50 restaurants list.)
We could get $10 of is we spent $50 or more.
It's a BYO as well. But what B would we bring?
Wine. Not with sushi.
what beer? Lance was think a wit or weisse of some sort...then I had a "eureka moment!"

I remembered I had a brunch gathering for New Years and my buddy Steve "mittens" Mashington and his lady friend Marissa arrived with a Moet Chandon white star magnum. We never opened it...and I had it sit in my fridge for a few weeks when I decided it would be the ideal beverage accompaniment for sushi.

Ideal turned into perfect.
There were two dishes that shared the spotlight that night.
(entrees were good, but anything would have been second best to the first courses)
First was the beef carpaccio...then. THEN the Godzilla roll.

If Godzilla is the king of all monsters, than this Sushi haunt, has appropriately named their Roll featuring Crab tempura, eel and avacado with sliced strawberries, drizzled with honey and topped with crushed macadamia nuts.

For entrees...I chose scallops...

And Lance- the Tuna.. (he often orders tuna)

Last April, Philadelphia weekly referred to the faimount restaurant as delivering a "cornucopia of flavor and texture." I second that.

Desserts...we could have gone without. Should have waited for that yummy hazlenut cake they sometimes have at the Belgian Cafe one block over.

We were one of two couples left in the restaurant nearing 10:00. My former boss of the Royal, Stephen Simons was in their prior. He recommended the carpaccio too.
The other couple was a match.com date.
It was awful.
but awfully funny to witness.
The woman was attractive, but SO damn loud. If craig laban was there reviewing them...he may have taken a bell off just for her presence.
She asked him how long he had been on match, and he said two years.
They talked about the concept of love and whether or not he would ever get back together with his high school sweetheart. Which is borderline crazy talk because they were not a day under 30. Trust me from experience, that stuff only happens when you're 22.

Lance and I chuckled to ourselves...We then realized we had one more coupon left!
It was for $5 off a purchase of $25 or more.
We debated whether or not to give it to them..then we thought it might break up their dissection of love conversation.

They thought we were crazy (or that I was crazy because Lance made me give it to them) but they took it...and we think they used it.

We made our way through our fairmount favorites.
all but the local dive bar Krupas.
I'm saving that for our anniversary pub crawl.

January 30, 2008

[cheap] Beer Lad Gets Salty

I'm starting to realize that this whole online dating thing is sorta like getting a puppy. At first it's all tickling, cuddling and cute overload...then the little bastard shits on your floor. In my case, that shit is presenting itself in the form of: a steadily draining bank account, debilitating hangovers and a good hour every night spent responding to email.

I don't know how much longer I'm gonna be able to keep this up. But, I will press on, purely for the sake of Beerlass.

(more after the jump)

My date Saturday night was largely a drunken affair at a gay bar (don't ask, I won't tell), so I won't waste space here going into the details. I again, had fun with a cute, smart girl.

Since I don't have anything to write about, food and beverage-wise, from my date, I would like the chance to rave about my new, favorite eight dollar bottle of wine: Sebeka Cabernet Pinotage. I picked up a bottle of this randomly at the liquor store on 24th and South. With such a weak selection - apparently Yellow Tail qualifies as premium there - it was nice to find something that was tasty...and cheap. Thus far, I've pre-lubricated before two dates with this wine. I don't know if was a result of the wine or my stellar personality, but the bullshit has flown like, well, wine on both dates.

So, do give the Sebeka a try if you're in the liquor store and want to avoid that growler of Carlo Rossi. Maybe some day the liquor laws in PA will come out of the 18th century and we'll be able to order affordable wine over the internet like normal people. Until then, just load up wine.woot.com every day, drool and send a pissy letter to your State Representative.

January 28, 2008

"lucky" me

Now that I've got my guest blogger, cheap beer lad, talking about his dating misadventures, it made me sit back and take a look at my own love life. And of course- reflect on past princes turned frogs.

Despite my Head Cold, my too long to do list, my heartburn, and everything else, I still managed a smile or two today as I reflect on my last year with Lance.

This weekend marked our one year anniversary.
He had his big event on Saturday...then went straight to Connecticut for his mom's 60th...so we haven't gotten to celebrate just yet.

I didn't really want to date a brewer...But hanging around in bars all the time,I was mostly meeting bartenders and bar managers.
I'll just simply say, brewers lead much healthier lifestyles.

Lance and I dated for about two months before we "went public."
It was kind of fun.
I remember it was Valentines Day and we were out with all our friends at the Good Dog, he left early and I had to play it cool and be like,
"See you lance." More like see you in an hour...

Throughout the year he has put up with my awful driving, countless parking tickets, occasional tardiness...(like when I tell him I will be at the flying pig at 5 and get there at 6:15.)

I have only made him one official dinner...and He still teases me that he actually made it. Yeah right....
The guy just grilled up the lamb that I marinated while I sauteed scallops. Big deal.
I also made him blueberry cobbler from scratch.
He's made me grilled cheese and tomato soup and I think that's it.

I also didn't think I would ever date a guy with hair as long as mine.
This is still a little weird.
Even weirder when he decides to do funky things with his facial hair.

Lucky, lucky me.

10 Things you might not know about him
-He's goes cocoa for cocoa puffs...well, not really but he loves anything sweet.
- He owns "waiting to exhale" The drama starring angela basset and whitney houston
-He loves bourbon
-He pairs beer with food as often as he can
-He loves bouldering
-He once rode his bike across the country
-He has two pets, larry and bear
-He got a green subaru because he tries to be like me
-He loves Neil Young and is bummed he didn't get to see him at the Tower in Dec.
-He once sang along to Chicago's "saturday in the Park" at a piano lounge.

January 25, 2008

[cheap] Beer Lad Goes a Datin

I wanna preface this post by saying that I'm aware that blogging about dates I've been on is kinda creepy and probably a more public cousin to the yentaring that I'm assuming goes on after a girl returns home from a date.

I'll do my best to disguise people and protect the innocent. If things go horribly wrong, I probably won't write about it, unless some sort of hilarity ensued. I'd probably shit bricks if I knew someone was doing this about me…oh wait, strike that…that’s already happened.

Now, to contradict everything I just wrote, here's a brief rundown of my date last night. I met up with this girl (I'm the suck when it comes to nicknames, so until I come up with a better system, all dates will be referred to as: my date, this girl, the date, her, this broad, etc, etc) at Sugar Mom's because we both agreed that a good jukebox and pinball would probably make for a nice evening.

Without revealing too much, she works in a creative field, is very cute, interesting and funny…kind of a rote description, but applicable nonetheless.

So since this is a food/beer blog, I should probably get around to all that foofarah. I had pre-lubricated with a glass of 2006 vintage Yellow Tail Shiraz, classy, classy. I drank Brooklyn Weisse at the bar…a move Suzy scolded me for since it's apparently a summer beer, I have so much to learn. She drank a mixed drink of some sort. We weren't planning on eating, but we saw a basket of fries that looked absolutely delectable (I'm still working on honing my flowery food writing skills). While we were both disappointed there wasn't any vinegar to drown the fries in, we were generally pleased with the crispy spears of starchy goodness.

We finished up the night with some Lord of the Rings themed pinball - she kicked my ass - and some hugs from a mildly deranged man who spent most of the night screaming in the bar. I think the date went well, conversation flowed pretty well and the only awkward moment was when I completely bombed on the “kiss, kiss” hello. I should have known it was coming, but I still handled it like a rube, pulling out of the hug before the second kiss. Overall, it was an A+++++ experience. Would date again.

(addendum 1: while a good date is great for me, it ain't exactly an engrossing read. I think I'm gonna have to start asking out some of the nutters I've seen floating around the webs.)
(addnedum 2: I'm not taking my camera on dates because that would be utterly douchechill inducing "hey, hold up your beer and smile so I can blog about you later, k?". As such, I'll try to put some applicable creative commons - piss on all of you who reserve all rights - pics from flickr in to gussy up my posts. The pic above of Sugar Mom's is courtesy of Dylan.)

Happy Birthday to Scotland's Favorite Son

Robbie Burns is well-known in Scotland for much folklore, but in the States, most remembered for his works including
Red, red rose, and Auld Lang Syne...

You might know it simply as "The New Years Song."

Every year, SLY FOX pays homage to the Ploughman Poet by the presenting the haggis, wearing of the kilts, and Piping of the Bag pipes.

Guests will take turns on the mic reciting the poetry of Burns and -of course- plenty of Brian's Scotch Ale, the GANG AFT AGLEY will be consumed.

Join us at Sly Fox PHOENIXVILLE at 6:00 pm for the ceremonial slicing of the Haggis, but feel free to come by at any point in the night as things should be pretty lively up to midnight.

Lastly, just in case you never really knew what you were singing when the clock struck 12...

Should old acquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind ?
Should old acquaintance be forgot,
and auld lang syne ?

For auld lang syne, my dear,
for auld lang syne,
we'll take a cup o’ kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.
And surely you’ll buy your pint cup !
And surely I’ll buy mine !
And we'll take a cup o’ kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.

We two have run about the slopes,
and picked the daisies fine ;
But we’ve wandered many a weary foot,
since auld lang syne.

We two have paddled in the stream,
from morning sun till dine† ;
But seas between us broad have roared
since auld lang syne.

And there’s a hand my trusty friend !
And give us a hand o’ thine !
And we’ll take a right good-will draught,
for auld lang syne.

The wheels on the bus go round and round...

The Beers on the Bus get glugged glugged glugged....

THERE are 7 Seats left on the BUS to one of the best events of the year.

An event featuring the Belgian offerings of almost all the local breweries. (our friends at Philadelphia brewing company don't have beer just yet) pouring in one place (west chester IRON HILL) on one day.
It's also our one year aniversary! (lance and I, that is)
Here's some of the lineup-=-

Sly Fox
Manayunk Brewing Co
General Lafyette
Flying Fish
Iron Hill of course and more

Pay as you go once you're there..but to get there is $25. The bus will be well stocked with Sly Fox cans, some Flying Fish and who knows what else......

7 seats...going once, twice....
email me at beerlass@gmail.com if you want on the bus.

January 24, 2008


I love beer and I love quizzo
they kind of go hand in hand....
and tonight especially because I will be co-hosting quizzo with johnny goodtimes at
THE GOOD DOG by 15th and Locust.

Usually Good Dog does 1/2 price cans on Wednesdays...but in honor of CAN DAY (january 24th,1935- Kreugers was the first) they will be doing 1/2 off all Sly FOX cans tonight as well.
They will also be serving up dunkel for the first time!

I will be hosting a round on..Beer.
Some sly fox give aways to boot.

All very exciting.....add to that excitement, why don't you?
I'll see you at 8:30.
My voice sounds pretty sexy on the mic.
just kidding.

January 23, 2008

[cheap] Beer Lad's Dating Misadventures

Hey there internets. So as Suz said I’m going to be calling myself the [cheap] Beer Lad and this is going to be my little column detailing the dating side of gastronomics, ya know since Suzy is all blissful and whatnot these days. While Beer Lad ain’t exactly the most manly of monikers, it fits with the theme of the site I s’pose…though I’d really like to work an umlaut in there to butch it up a bit.

As was previously mentioned, I've known Suzy since we were but pups sent into the wild, or freshman year of college…whatever works for you. In that time she has: impressed me with her ability to talk a blue streak about anything, wowed me with her inexhaustible energy and tried very hard to convert me from my philistinism in the areas of food and drink. She’s had some success, pushing me to switch from Amstel Light to Delerium Tremens, but I s’pose that will be another fun aspect of my dating travails, trying to drink some crazy Belgian triple Suzy suggested while trying to remain somewhat charming and sober.

I'm not very good at taking compliments, so I'm going to defer the whole "pretty talented writer" bit for a moment (I don't want to ruin it for you, but this post wraps up with a list...does anything scream "hack" more than a list? I think not)

Now, back to the important stuff…me. My very brief and dull story is this: got out of a long-term relationship about seven months ago (we’re still pretty good friends) and finally took the plunge into the dating “scene” about a month or two ago. I should also state that I was in this relationship since college. So I’m utterly clueless how to date like an adult. It was all so much easier to recover from a keg stand, tell a girl she was cute and start making out…oh those halcyon days…sigh.

Anyhoo, so here I am floundering about as a single guy. I decided to do the online thing, on a whim a few weeks ago because I may be a bit socially awkward and asking a girl out at Barnes and Noble is just not my idea of a good time. I’ve gotta tell ya, though, if you’re a somewhat normal, somewhat decent looking guy in Philly who’s looking to date, you’d have to be mildly retarded to not sign up for one of these. The ratio of cute girls to guys is about 100 to 1 in my best estimation.

Thus far I’ve been on three dates, with one girl. That seems to have fizzled, a fact that has been blogged about somewhat truthfully, though with a bit of stinging hyperbole, elsewhere. I would post a link, but it might seem a bit stalkery that I even know about it (honestly stumbled upon it via some completely innocent facebooking). So I’ve gone ahead and scheduled myself three dates, one on Thursday, one on Saturday and one Sunday. Details to follow.

I’ll end my first column with some tips for any doods out there who are thinking about taking the online plunge…these are based largely on my own success and others’ miserable failures:

  1. Don’t be creepy. Obtuse, I know, but seriously, don’t be creepy.
  2. Don’t say you’re funny. If you think you’re funny, just try to make your profile kinda funny.
  3. Don’t try too hard to seem overly impressive, girls can see right through this shit.
  4. Don’t write a fucking novel on your profile. Keep it simple, chances are you’re gonna exchange a few emails before you meet up, you’re gonna need something to talk about.
  5. Don’t ask for a face-to-face in the first email. Screams creepy.
  6. Make fun of internet dating, but not the point where she’ll feel insecure about doing it too.
  7. Don’t post a glamour shots photo. Post something that shows you having fun or a sense of humor. And don’t post just the most amazing pics of you ever. I’ve heard horror stories of people showing up looking nothing like their pics. Also, post recent pics.
  8. No shirtless pics. Seriously. Don’t do it...unless you're man seeking man, then all bets are off and shirtlessness is probably encouraged.
  9. No pics of you and your ex, or you and your ex’s shoulder. You’ve gotta know at least one person with some photoshop skills.
  10. Poems are never a good idea. Ever.

and that's it. My first entry. My email address for this little adventure is cheap.beerlad [at] gmail.com (that's a period between "cheap" and "beerlad"). If you've got any suggestions for cheap dates, want to share your horror stories, or just make fun of me, shoot me an email or leave it in the comments.

Yes the pic is me. I'm still not sure how transparent I want to be about this whole thing, maybe I'll make the blue dot like an advent calendar...taking away a pixel as the desperation grows. Kidding, I'm not desperate....yet.

Ladies and Gentleman..I present to you CHEAP BEER LAD

So once upon a time I was 18...a freshman in college...(never had a beer- if you can believe it.)

It was orientation day and I was waiting for my favorite penn stater, Jamie Perry of Human Resources, when I saw this lad G in the Lobby.  
 We didn't get to be friends for quite some time after....I had to get over my crush first...but then we became pretty tight and remain so ten  years later.
Actually, at some point during that time, we thought for a second, the pendulum might swing in favor of romance...but it was brief...like I said, a second.
Afterwards G was in a relationship for the majority of that time...but after seven years-recently called it quits with his long term lugubrious lady.  (good thing- she drank miller lite).
He has now dove head first into the tumultuous dating scene.  
The scenes where these dates take place are mostly bars and restaurants... so of course food and beverage play a major role.
I thought it would be fun to have him guest blog on his time out there.
He'll blog under the name of Cheap beer lad.  Cheap beer lad will be pretty honest for better or for worse. he's also a pretty talented writer...so stay tuned.

For right now there's a distorted pixelated picture of a mystery man...in time, the cheap beer lad will reveal himself....



STandaRD TAP firkin night featuring SLY FOX PORTER

Things start at 6ish.






January 22, 2008

Ac adaptors and a Week filled with Beer

More frustrating then delicious sandwiches falling apart....is...
My last two weeks.....

Not that everything I write is
b)grammatically correct
c) all of the above

but- I enjoy commenting on my bites and beers throughout my week.

And since my ac adaptor on my computer went, well- in communicado with my laptop...I haven't been able to blog.

-I can't do anything with pics at kinkos without a thumb drive...
-the laptop my roommate found on the side of the road on south st is viral-laden...
-and lance's computer is moody...

But there's been SO much going on...
I have to fill you in on New York, My new favorite sushi place, New O'reillys Stout handles around the city....Lance trying to feed me canned soup from 2001....


But for now....picture free...five Plugs to PLUG-=-=

1) Full MOON tasting with the Total Bru fellows at the new East Falls Market place....
6-9...sample Troegs, SouthHampton, Iron Hill and More for f r e e.

2) STANDARD TAP- manana-- they usually do their FIRKIN wednesdays...but this wednesday we're SLY times five...
We'll be pouring a firkin of the porter PLUS four other sly foxes inc. the newly released DUNKEL lager.
IPA women's beer club will be meeting there the same night.
and, oh, did I hear a rumor that NBC 10 was filming it?
*I can confirm that rumor.

3) I will be co-hostin' QUIZZO at the GOOD DOG (15th and locust) with my Johnny Goodtimes.
It's the anniversary of the invention of the CAN.
so we'll be drinking a bunch (pg-13) of sly fox cans. And rumor has it they will be 1/2 off like they are on wednesdays....
*I can confirm that rumor.
There will also be a round on BEER.

4) Fri- come down to Sly Fox in Phoenixville to celebrate Robbie Burns birthday.
My love for you IS like a red red rose....
Pay as you go. Haggis if you like....The Gang Aft Agley rocks. Starts at 6.
Break out the ol' kilt already.

5) come down to Iron Hill West Chester for one of the local beer industry's best events.
Try the belgian offerings from all your local loves, inc...sly fox, troegs, yards, victory, stewarts, stoudts, flying fish, and on and on..... 4ish.

6) zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

January 10, 2008

Bread Pudding Bliss on Race St.

There are some items that I want to try anywhere I dine.
They vary seasonally of course. In the winter, I go wandering about for....

(here's a turkey chili made with TROEGS hopback ale from HIGH ST grille in Mount Holly, NJ-paired with ginger ale unfortunately...)

Montecristos (This was actually the best sandwich i ever ate at Little Pete's- sub cheddar for swiss...just can't get into swiss- paired with Pikeland Pils)

Crab Corn Chowders (from Drafting room in Exton- paired with Baltic Thunder)

Bread Pudding....and I have had some delicious bread puddings, the Chocolate Stout Pudding at
TRIA is memorable, as was the For Pete's Sakes.

But last night, I was completely amazed by RACE ST. CAFEs.
Lance wasn't feeling well last night. He is usually my bread pudding partner. As swell of a fellow as he is, he has an allergic reaction to raisins. He says "my head swells up...this big (as he makes the hand motions)! Do you want to have to take me to the hospital."

Everytime he says that I really want to take him to the local police to administer a lie detector test. I don't think one can be allergic to raisins....but regardless, I was happy he wasn't there, because if he was we would have to get the chocolate roulade because it had no raisins.
So as the poor lad was sniffling away, I had the best bread pudding in the city.
What made it so delicious? They use brioche,but almost everyone does. April Annie said it best. "It was like mushy pancakes and maple syrup." I know that doesn't sound too appetizing, but you have to try it. They also have a variety of beers that would go well with it, the Maredsous 8 or the O'reilly' s stout would be your two best bets.

Race st cafe is.....let's bring back a 1980s expletive and alliterate shall we? RAce st. is rad.
Its a great neighborhood spot right on the cusp of old city, but in a territory where you will see more down to earth resident types, then bridge crossers showing tramp stamps in the winter... yes, I've seen it. They have a firepace, boardgames, and live music. Great bartenders,
Chris and Mark

It's the kind of bar that is hard to have "just one" in, but I managed to successfully do that last night.

We had a very productive beer club meeting. Not a lot of women came out...hopefully new year's resolutions aren't keeping them away from the throwback, but we organized goals for the upcoming year.

We planned everything from our involvement with Philly Beer Week this March, to potential trips to Belgium, San Diego, and Michigan. We also hope to have a well made, classy yet sassy calendar for 2009. I have visions of what some of the background scenery will be so far....here's a hint: One of us will be appropriately dressed hanging out in a truck of spent grain....I think it has a lot of potential....

"Taking it Easy"

Last Friday, Lance and I were supposed to "take it easy" because we knew we had a full agenda on Saturday.
Taking it easy in our world goes something like this...

1)Have a beer with your best friend from high school in Lansdale. I was calling on accounts in Montgomery county and she was finally home from Belgium after 6 months, so we decided to meet for a beer. We had met at Cravings Cafe in North Wales. They had a decent selection. No Sly Fox on this visit. We are in rotation. But it looks like Gretz has them pretty satisfied via radio advertising (this comes straight from the bartenders mouth). I left samples and sales information but not before I had The grilled cheese and pear with applewood smoked bacon. That definitely had me satisfied. The bar was nice. I enjoyed the vintage can collection on the wall. (can day is January 24th...how are you going to celebrate???)
I couldn't get too cozy I had to be in Malvern by five. But
Five was actually sixish.
Lance waited for me at the Flying Pig. And we were off to the city.

2)My friend Steve O was playing at Cascamorto piano lounge for Friday happy hour. They might just have the worst beer selection in the city, but they are always welcoming when we come in, and seeing steve play is almost worth the vodka hangover.
He does this hysterical version of "pass the dutchie" and does a pretty good Biz Markee too.
We've been there enough that we actually got a round comped this time.
That was nice, however it wasn't too nice that they charged my friend $5 twice for a ginger ale. Marianne could have had herself two 2 liter bottles and a cowtail for that price- maybe even 3.

3)Then we go to the Cherry St Tavern, drink a Sly Fox O'Reilly's stout.
4)Then off to the Belgian Cafe.
I had a Petrus oud bruin, Lance opted for a Monks Flemish sour. We leave after a beer, make it about ten feet up the sidewalk, and decide that "we're not done yet." Ten feet retracted, we arrive back at the Belgian cafe. Continuing to "take it easy."
We head to the drafting room in Exton the next day for One final Victory for Heavyweight event. I was a huge fan of the Perkunos Hammer and was really looking forward to drinking the old and the new Baltic Thunder. We got there much later than would have liked, but found some friends in the crowd. Sly Fox Phoenixville fav, Dan Bengel and his entourage had secured a table in the dining room. I chatted with them for a while. Just long enough for him to harass me about my parking tickets.
I enjoyed the Lunacy and the Victory Fresh Hopped Harvest Ale the most. The descript on the Harvest said the hops are plucked off the vines in upstate New York. It was delicious.
I was finally ready for some food around 4:30. I had some crab corn chowder and beer fondue. The chowder was decent but too much of a spice that reminded me of my dad's cooking. Not sure if it was thyme or oregano. But I bet, if I called my pops up and told him to make me dinner, the dish would have one of those two in it.
The fondue was good. I liked the rye and pumpernickel bread cubes for dipping. LOVE me some pumpernickel.
Did you know that pumpernickel literally translates to "farting bastard."
I went through this phase about 6 years ago.
No, not a farting bastard phase- but an etymology phase. I bought this book, Jesse's word of the day....and Jesse taught me that to pumper is to "fart" and that a nickel is a "bastard." Interesting...

The event was well attended, and a good time was had by all. We were off to the Tin Angel to take in Nicole Reynolds. Lance had been talking her up a bit, so I finally had to ask him, "is she hot?" And he replied that she looked like a little boy. Then- probably not so hot. i asked him what she sounded like, and he said, "she sounds like a little girl." So I didn't know how geared up I was for the show....but I was pleasantly surprised. She didn't have a huge range..so a lot of songs sounded alike. But I enjoyed her regardless. She sang one song with her girlfriend. It was cute. And she was cute, in a little boyish way.
She looks kinda like this...

Yawny yawn. yawn. yawn.
Time to get some shut eye.

Coming soon-=-=
My time in Mount Holly, Race St. cafe's Bread Pudding, Philly BEER week, potential hashing and a potential disclaimer.

January 4, 2008

Looking for a few good BEERS?

I stopped in at the South Philly Tap Room the other day to check in on their renovations.
They have added an arched entrance to a second dining room, which is all dining- lending itself to a great environment for groups.
They have expanded their kitchen and hope to do more entrees then they had been.

The beer list had some great offerings per usual.

I tried the Rock Art magnamus ete tomahawkus....at 80 Ibus, the beer has a rather assertive hop character (magnum and tomahawk of course) . The bottle has esb (cubed) on the label....it's about 11% with a ton of british malts and a hint of citrus. The magnus is part of their extreme beer series and it was extremely delicious.
Rock Art, a fairly small brewery out of Vermont is releasing some pretty tasty treats. I remember at the Philly Craft Beer fest last year...survey said their Vermonster BarleyWine was one of the big hits of the day along with the Brooklyn Local One.

Also as long as you're in hopland....try the Sly Fox Odyssey. That is the culmination of our IPA project where we make a different beer with a single hop varietal every month, then take the sum amount in October and brew, the Odyssey, the end of the Journey. And it is worth the ten month trek. The imperial IPA Hits 8.4 on the abv scale with 90 IBUS. On tap at SPTR now, and soon at flying pig, and tj's everyday.

I had a brunch on NY day since I live right off the mummers parade start at Broad and Washington. I invited friends from a variety of social circles, but made sure to include some brewing friends. where Brewers are, good beer is almost sure to follow. My pal casey did not disappoint as he helped me ring in 08 with the Cuvee de castleton, a great sour ale from the uber (I hate when people say uber) talented Scotty V of Captain Lawrence (recently named by BA magazine as one of the top five brewers on the continent). He brews it with muscat grapes than ages it in French Wine oak for ???? I think it's lovely. and the Judges at the Great American Beer Fest this year, though it was lovely enough for a shiny gold. go Scotty. GO!

Another beer I had this week that wowed me like no chocolate experience since living vicariously through the charlie and the motlley crew in Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory,
It was the southern Tier Choklat.

I have tried a variety of Chocolate beers through the years. Rogue Chocolate Stout, Sam Adams Chocolate Bock (made with scharfenberger cocoa from san fran), Brooklyn Chocolate stout ( not made with choco), Youngs Double chocolate stout....but this one....was the one.
The aroma of the beer is just amazing, for those that want to experience the beer but not the calories, you can almost grasp how delicious it is by a quick swirl and sniff. But I suggest you take the plunge, and allow the velvet blanket of chocolate to coat your tongue.

A blogger on Drink Craft Beer referred to this beer as epic, and I would have to agree.
Try it at Monks back bar, or at the Great P.o.p.e (pub on passyunk east).

Southern Tier has been popping up all over philly. Based out of Lakewood, Ny. It will take you 6 1/2 hours to get to the brewpub, so be glad that Philly gets to be on their hit list for distribution.
and YET another reason, we are America's Best Drinking Beer city.

Celebrate that fact with a week and a half of events in March. Check out www.phillybeerweek.org.