August 31, 2008

The Mystery is almost solved...

Mystery Beer Weekend @ Memphis Taproom is one of the best things to come along since Southwark's Grilled Peach Salad.

Lance and I are getting ready to head out for the fourth time in 48 hours.
Spanky has come up with a great list of beers. Russian River Blind Pig, Petrus Dubbel Bruin, Iron Hill's Haywood (a brett beer), etc...
The staff has been as organized as you can be in the midst of a chaotic mystery.
And the food -great as always.
Everytime I go there - I want to get the Port Richmond Platter and I never do.
Finally got it and the Kielbasa did not disappoint.

I am confident in my sleuth skills so far...I got stumped with the cask beers.

we'll see what happens at 4.

There can only be one winner...

August 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Jose Pistolas!

Happy Birthday to you
I love your shrimp and chorizo tacos
you pour delicious beer
happy birthday to you

They celebrated last night with free cake and margaritas at midnight.

Go say hi and wish them a Happy Birthday this weekend.
15th Between Locust And Spruce

This is a picture of Joe telling Casey's "I got peed on by a lion story"

August 28, 2008

Last video teaser before SIDE CAR drink like a FOX night

5 pm till ????????????????????
22nd and Christian

SIDE CAR tonight: Drink Like a Sly Fox : but Scott Baio will not be there

SIDE CAR bar @ 22nd and CHRISTIAN
5 pm till ???????????

Remember Nicole Egger Pre Baywatch?
Fighting with her sister wasn't nearly as exciting as her rescue missions.

There as a great guy, Jerry, who worked at the old Anthony's back in the day (now skinners) who had a great Scott Baio story.
He was hitting on a woman in California twenty some years ago and Scott Baio cock blocked him.

Thanks to Stone for an interesting way to waste time I don't have

Most People that would want to write about STONE EPIC 080808 probably have done so by now. Many of you got to drink it at Ommegang. Then two days later it was released for Distribution.

But this new website I have been using "stumble upon" prompted me to stumble upon STONE's epic site.
You can easily lose 40 minutes here.
Tons of good stuff. They share their thoughts behind bottle concept, they even share homebrew recipes.
Yep-= you homebrew can brew Vertical Epic 070707 in your very own household.

But to even surpass that level of coolness you can read the tasting notes of Greg Koch and his crew as they sample the series through the years. They'll pull out a 40404 in May of 2006 then May of 2007 and discuss how its aging...

Beer Goggles

this is funny.

33 Kegs of Beer. 3 DAYS. and I chance to guess them all and win fantastic prizes

"And don't tell me there is no mystery It overflows my cup"
Bruce Cockburn

We're a mere 32 hours away from being 3 day suds sleuths!

Memphis Taproom will commence their much discussed Mystery Beer Weekend.
Straight from the 10 show celebrity...

"Starting at 5pm on August 29th, we will tap 3 beers
each of 11 different styles. It's up to you to taste
them all and tell us what you're drinking.
All weekend long we'll offer mixed flights of 3 beers for $10.
Join us for beers from Russian River, Bear Republic,
Stone, Unibroue, Nodding Head, and many others."

Download your Mystery Ballot on their most righteous website

Make sure you try the Fried pickles while you're there. They are actually Dill slices as opposed to rounds.

You can read about Spankys recent bike accident here.

Feel free to send will wishes to

August 27, 2008

Drink Like a Sly Fox video teaser: Stacey Q

SIDE CAR tomorrow night- 22nd & Christian.

turn back the swatch watch and think about what might have been if you ever got to third base with Stacey Q...

Sly Fox Pils: Merrily Merrily Merrily featured in the Mainstream

Earlier this week Jack Curtin brought to our attention an article that Canuk Stephen Beaumont wrote on his five favorite cans. His article included Philly's favorite canned Pilsner, Pikeland.

We read it, got excited, dreamt about the Ham and Onion sandwich pairing Beaumont suggested.

BUT then this morning - I went to check my hotmail
...yes- I still have a hotmail account.

AND low and behold- there it was on the MSN homepage via epicurious. Craft beer once again in mainstream media! Thanks Stephen.

Unless you're a warped wastoid I've got your bodacious thursday night plans right here

Drink Like a Sly Fox- This Thursday night @ the Side CAR(22nd and Christian)
Join Brian O'Reilly, Side Car owner Adam Ritter, and myself as we wind back the swatch watch to the 1980s.

Adam will be playing radical records of yesteryear.
Everyone will be drinking Sly Fox one offs like our schwarzbier, abbey dubbel, saison brune & rauchbier (which should pair up quite well with their smoked meats).

And if you arrive Hungry like the wolf, the Side Car Kitchen is concocting an 80s themed menu. Think Sloppy Joes, Beefaroni, etc...

But since their kitchen is scratch...don't count on any micro-magic burgers.

See you there after 5

August 26, 2008

YARDS Philly Pale @ the Democratic National Convention

Tonight in the Mile High City of Denver, Co as part of the Democratic National Convention, YARDS Philly Pale ale will be pouring at a special event called A Taste of America's Cities, a reception that is put on by the Democratic mayors.

Philadelphia is one of six cities that will be a part of the event. And YARDS is the only beverage sent from Philly at the Request of Nutter's mayoral office.

Yards sent out cases of Philadelphia Pale Ale which will be enjoyed with other Philly Favorites- Soft Pretzels and Cheesesteaks.

If we are going to be known for a few things,
BEER should be amongst them.

August 25, 2008

perfectly pear

The other night Lance and I were walking home from Brigids full and fatigued.
But he's never to full to satiate his sweet tooth.

So we stopped at our local grocer and picked up some ice cream.
Him- Ben and Jerry Smores
Me- This new pear ice cream from Haagen Dazs

There are no words.
I mean I sorta dig pear... I think I even bought pear glace Victoria's Secret Body Lotion in college.
But Pear has never struck me. Really moved me. Until now.

There was an ice cream flavor concept contest in 2007 .

From the website- "Leslie Zoerb's flavor creation, selected from thousands of entries, mingled juicy caramelized pears with pieces of toasted pecans in a crisp pear ice cream base. "

Thanks Leslie-=-=-

This contest occurred in 2007. I just found it now.
There's a chance that there's slim pear pickins left. Seek it out while you can.

BEER of the BIKE photos

Here's a link to the flicker photos courtesy of NIAMH from the BEER of the BIKE on Saturday.

There's only one of me- thank goodness- spandex!@$#%

But in that one- you can get a glimpse of a double chin. lovely.

If you want to ride out next month...get a hold of Jesse at beer of the bike.

Bite of the Week: The Esquites Edition

The best thing I had to eat all week WAS @.......
The Kite and the Key on 18th and Callowhill.

Corn on the cob. With a Twist.
Cilantro Lime butter, Shaved Grana and Chipotle Mayo Sauce. (sauce on the side so you can apply according to preference).

It gets "Bite of the Week" Partly because it was so good and partly because I was so surprised to see it on the menu. "Esquites" is as welcome as a saison for me in the summertime.
A few spots I have enjoyed mexican inspired cob at in the past...

*Cantina Los Caballitos
*DISTRITO (deconstructed in a glass by layers of corn and aoili)

And if you just want simply delicious corn- cob it up at STANDARD TAP

Kelln Thomas Sharp

Last Saturday, Four was much more like family than a crowd.
There's something instantly magical about that second child.
I know the first time someone is expecting, everyone gushes over them, asking all the sterotypical -sometimes ignorant- questions:
What do you want a boy or a girl? What are you going to name it? Was it planned? How do you feel?

It can't make the next nine months any easier.
But the attention might be nice.

That attention is borderline non existent the second time around.

You're tired as heck but still have to run around making sure the "oldest" hasn't confused your wall for a coloring book. No one's really checking up on you.
The only way you get by is the little voice in the back of your head that tells you this is going to be the last one.

But then in an instant, everything is as perfect as you could ever imagine.
The second child is born. He or she is healthy. And the feeling of family changes a bit. There's 4.

My sister, Patty, and her husband Brandon, along with Tanner welcomed Kellin Thomas Sharp to the perennial party last Saturday morning at 9:03 am.
And as you can see he's rather adorable.

And Tanner's not the least bit jealous. Not yet anyway

Where in the Beer World #5

Good Monday Morning.

I survived the Beer of the Bike and almost feel normal.
Normalcy will return once my big toe stops feeling fuzzy and my neck doesn't feel like it did the one time I tried rock climbing.

Where in the BEER World ? ? ?

Think outside the box-=-=-=Box being Philadelphia.

August 23, 2008

This and That

I am getting ready for my "Beer of the Bike" Ride out to Sly Fox Phoenixville.
I've got my comfy crouchers and my jersey on...completely geeked out. Ready for pain.

30 Miles. twice.
Longest ride I have ever done.
The good news is that it won't be too hilly for 90% of the ride.
The bad news is some beer loving crack head stole my bike.
He can start his own crack of the bike group. I am borrowing one and hopefully Lance will be putting different tires on it.

I've done two beer dinners over the last two days. One about five miles west of Harrisburg in New Cumberland @ Scott's Grill. 75 people. Largest group I ever presented too. What a great night. The majority had never heard of Sly Fox.

I didn't agree with the order of the beers or some of the pairings but the beer and food was great. We had Gang Aft Agley with the main entree- chocolate porkchop with smoked melon. Interesting... I love that beer and have no idea why its still sitting in Origlio's inventory...

But other than meeting great people and drinking our scotch ale for the first time in five months...I see no reason to ever go back to New Cumberland. Sorry New Cumberland.

Then straight to Mount Holly, New Jersey. I had to meet up with Gary Monterosso and his video crew to film a few segments for "Still Crazy After All these Beers." I am not sure if you've ever seen it...but its a "Beer Lifestyle" video pod cast. I will be a "beer correspondent" of sorts from time to time. My debut show had me talking about a firkin as we were about to tap one at High St. last night.

High St. Grill is located in Mount Holly is about 45 minutes outside the city.
They are the only good beer joint for miles and miles. People drove in from ATlantic City to be a part of the festivities last night.

John and Nancy Mcdevitt are true pub pioneers in the area.

Highlights of the night were the Firkin of PALE Ale, Saison Brune, and The Styrian Hop Project.
The styrian was paired with crabbed stuff jalapeƱos. They definitely set my oral cavity aflame.
But the IPA complemented it well and hosed down the inferno.

Okay. I am off. Wish me luck.
60 miles to sexy calf muscles!

August 21, 2008

The (e)volution of Sly Fox

It's a good day to be Sly Fox. Well a good month and year if you want to go broader.

Things were taking off last October, when Brewmaster, Brian O'Reilly and his brew crew won the Gold medal at the Great American Beer Fest for Pikeland Pils.

Fast forward to summer of 2008 when both the Main Line Today and Philadelphia Magazine awarded it "BEST OF"

and NOW we've got a NEW WEBSITE...
Check it out.

If you go to the news section you can get the scoop on how I got into this crazy world o' beer.

Here are just a few of the bars you should have a SLY FOX in if you haven't been there yet...
Kite and Key - Saison
St. Stephens Green - Pils
South Philly Tap Room- I think they tapped our saison brune
Cherry st Tavern- 113 IPA
Khyber -Once our BLOB ale (imperial red) kicks...saison vos
TIME- O'reilly's Stout
Rembrandts- Pale Ale
Brigids- Saison to be followed by Saison Brune.
Tria- Royal Weisse
Good Dog- carry our on off Pub Ale and then Scwarzbier
Standard Tap- carrying our Pub ale

if you want to venture outside the city a bit...
Mcmenamins is putting us into rotation more and more
Issac Newtons has been pouring the PILS

August 20, 2008

The Good Dog Sly Fox Can Line Up Completion

Today is a good day. Not just because it's Steve O's Birthday or Because my nephew is four days old. But its also the official FIRST WEDNESDAY that GOOD DOG will have ALL SLY FOX CANS available.


3! 3! 3! Styles of cans are now on the Shelves

@ the Good Dog.

Drink ‘em any ol’ time you want, but your pockets will be most pleased with their ½ off all cans on Wednesdays.

$2 bucks!

That’s a steal!

(different then when Steve Mashington stole my bike)

PILSNER! (best of Philly 2008, BEST of Mainline 2008, GABF Gold 2007- get it?)
I will be at Tria (spruce st) first- but should be there by 8... Then over to the PIANO BAR for birthday festivities.

Hi Ho Hi Ho its the birthday of STEVE O!

Steve Odabashian. Wow what a human being.

*A one man quizzo machine
*Andy Reid impersonator
*Piano Playing Parody Genious (wierd Al's got nothing on you)

Steve's a special guy.

One day I asked him to learn Pete Townshend's "Let my Love Open the Door" for his piano routine. He went home practiced it and now it's on his song list.
Of course with his own twist to it.

The part that goes "When People keep repeating that you'll never fall in love..."
he keeps repeating the repeating....
maybe that was too much for you to handle right now. But its really funny.

He also switches up the lyrics of "Purple rain" to "Alycia Lane."
And just like Prince never gets old, neither does Steve's rendition.

And neither does Steve. Despite the fact that its his birthday.

My present to him would be a tasting of different pilsners to get him the hell off of Miller Lite.

If you've never seen STeve Play at the Piano BAr at 20th and ARCH
(formerly known as cascamorto) TONIGHT is your night. 8 pm

You feel like your on vacation in your own city.
PLUS- Sly Fox cans on on their way to the coolers...

and here's pete...

and just in case you wanted the Steve Carrell/ Dane Cook version

Go Spanky Go! Spanky schools the 10! Show on Beer

J C brings us video footage of the Spankifying of the 10! show.

Brendan "Spanky" Hartranft of the Memphis Taproom is a perfect ambassador for better beer in Philadelphia.

He visits with Lori Wilson and Bill Henley at the 10 Show! and schools them and the audience on beer.

Spanky features Pikeland Pils, Dogfish 90 min., Orval and Celebrator Doppelbock.

I like his "Its so fresh, its so exciting" comment about Pikeland Pils.

I watch the 10! show from time to time and he was one of the better guests to come along in a while. Michael Solomonov of Zahav was also pretty funny a few weeks ago.

MEMPHIS TAPROOM will host Mystery Beer Weekend Aug. 29, 30, 31
Get the scoop on their

Fabulous potable prizes for winner.

These guys are pretty much my heroes.
Well Chris Morris, and these guys.

In Pursuit of my Bike

There is a VERY slim chance that one of you might just see my Bike out there.
It's purple. Its a Specialized Rock Hopper. Its got wavy Blue grips on the handlebars and might just have a few beer stickers left on it. a few SLY FOX stickers and one rectangular Yellow BELLS Sticker.
It looks something like this....

This is a criminal investigation. And there IS A reward.



August 19, 2008

You can steal my wheels but you can't keep me from Riding out to Sly Fox !

So the recent theft of my Specialized Rock Hopper is more devastating by the day.
I miss my bike.

I've been searching for a new one...but nothings come my way to date.
Actually, if you reader, yes you- have a bike you think I might like, I'll buy it from you.

But this Saturday Janine Carroll Bike Loan inc. will hook me up for a few hours so I can do my second Beer of the Bike ride.
Beer of the Bike invites any beer loving cyclists to join them one day a month for a ride to a beer destination. July was out to General Lafayette. It was a scenic ride through forbidden drive.
A beaut of the day. Everyone was so friendly. When In Pursuit of Ale meets, almost every week a lady comes out for the first time-=-=-=sometimes with a mild nervousness about meeting new people.
I always tell them the IPA ladies are the best and there's no reason to be remotely anxious.
So I figured it would be an experiment to put myself in that situation. But then I ended up knowing 3 or 4 people so it doesn't even count.

The beers tasted great that day. And BRewer/owner Chris Leonard was around for a quick chat which was an added bonus. We sampled framboise, abbey dubbel, Matrimonial (his wedding saison) The bikers were collectively pleased. Here's some snaps-=-=-=

SAturday 10 AM the BEER OF THE BIKE will ride out TO SLY FOX PHOENIXVILLE (what a coincidence;))

Its about 30 miles each way. Riding on a smooth path for most of it.
If you are interested in riding email

Bella Vista Grand Opening set

Bella Vista Beverage will open there new 40,000 sq feet distributor complete with gravity shelving, beer 101s, a Belgian room, homebrewing kits for sale and every label available in the Keystone STATE on Sunday, October 5thb e f o r e

They'll kick things off with an Open House.
More info is available at Joe Six Pack's Blog

11th and Fitzwater

a f t e r

Name that Nipple!

Name that Nipple

Good Tuesday Morning. Now name that nipple.

also still waiting on an answer from Monday's Where in the Beer World.

First Hint:

It's somewhere in Montgomery Co.

August 18, 2008

Hump day is Funk day @ TRIA this Wednesday

Love you some tart 'n funky beers?

Then come out Wednesday to taste sublime three-year-old Lambic used to blend the famous Boon Oude Geuze Mariage Parfait.

You can compare two unblended Lambics straight from Casks 17B and 52, then blend them together as would a real Lambic producer!

Legendary Belgian beer expert and importer Don Feinberg procured these rare kegs for our enjoyment and will be mingling while sharing his expertise.

  • Tria Washington Square, 12th & Spruce Streets
  • Wednesday, August 20
  • 5:00 - 7:00pm
  • $12½ for a 5 oz. tasting of both beers
  • No reservations-just show up
OR if by any chance you are in New must go to this

Where in the Beer World #4 can edition

Where in the Beer World ???

Good News...I am thinking I have enough material and the likelihood of procuring more daily to do "where in the beer world" all the time.

August 15, 2008

I won 6 international lotteries in the last 6 hours!

Are you guys as lucky as me?

Because I’m pretty lucky.
Apparently, I am a trillionaire and the people of Great Britain consider me esteemed.

Suddenly the fact that my bike got stolen, my roommate, young jenny hobbs' bike got stolen, my phone got stolen, my new lounge chair got stolen, my car got broken into, my beer samples got stolen, my camera lens won't shut, and my street needs a crime watch really doesn't seem to matter.

Because every single day of my life I win 6 international lotteries.

I don’t even have to work anymore.

I can just paint pottery for lance all day.

August 14, 2008


The majority of my life post graduation has focused on beer, with an one year stint in music.
I think its the bee knees when the two are combined.

Designed by Angela Miles
Next Thursday August 14th at Triumph
"Homebrewed Live & Local"
Great Beer- Great Music

Live Music- 5pm till- 1am ,
$10 Cover -Includes one beer and Appetizers from 5-7pm-=-= ALSO
$3 beers, $4 Wine, $ 5 Well - All Night

With Performances by

Mia Johnson
Bevin Caulfield
Andrew Lipke
Dawn Iulg
Johnny Miles
Mr. King
Dark knights

Handcrafted beer By Flying Fish (Boubon dubbel), Sly Fox (city debut of DARK SAISON), and Triumph Brewery.
And a - Special 5-6 Happy Hour -Music with the Kingston Family band -

Philly's Phunniest Contest- TONIGHT!

Helium Comedy Club.
2031 Sansom Street.

My buddy STEVE Odabashian (He's armenian) of Andy Reid impersonating and Piano Bar fame is competing for Philly's Phunniest along with Chip Chantry and some other funny guys. I try to catch Steve a couple times a month at the Piano Bar at 20th and Arch - which finally started carrying Flying Fish Pale Ale!

It promises to be a very entertaining show. His "Schtick is doing song parodies. Think Weird Al, but better.

Hosted by last year's winner, Stever Gerben. Apparently he's a complete nut.

Oh....and tickets are FREE!! (for the first 10 people that call the box office at 215-496-9001 and give them my name). But, please call soon, as those 10 will be snatched up very quickly.
They might already be gone....The good news, is if you don't get one of the first 10 tickets, you can still get 2 tickets for the price of 1 - which is a great deal. But you will need to make a reservation for that discount as well.

The winners will be partially determined by audience vote and crowd response.

A good way to spend an evening- i think.

August 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Happy Hatton!

It's Jennie "Pr superstar" Hatton's Big today.

She's sunshine on a cloudy day.
When its cold outside, She's like the month of May.
I'd like to say she's My Girl, She's everybody's girl.

Happy Birthday to long time Philly Beer Gal.

Name that Nipple #3

Name that Nipple #3

Here's a hint. He's not a Brewer.
And he's got a propensity to lose his shoes.

August 11, 2008

Beer by Hood: Take a tour with Beer Reporter Joe Sixpack

These videos were uploaded to Viddler last April, but I am guessing you never saw them...because I never saw them.

Follow Beer Reporter, Joe Sixpack, as he takes you on neighborhood beer tours of Philadelphia.

Visit with William Reed of Standard Tap, Jeff Slick of the Foodery, Kevin Mayberry of Ortliebs in Northern Liberties. The center city one is great as he visits with Tom Peters of Monks, Chris Mullins of Mcgillins Old Ale House and Jon Myerow of TRIA.

There are a lot of fun facts woven through the videos. Enjoy.

And I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Horwitz

Larry Horwitz (Iron Hill-North Wales) and Troegstress Whitney Thomspon said "I do" on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu last week. The couple decided to take advantage of their surrounding paradise while out for the World Brewing Conference.

It was a little over a year since I saw Larry helping Whitney set up her tent at the start of Ommegang's BCTC fest. I thought, hmmm... someone's either a good samaritan or someone's gots the "hots" for someone... Perhaps both.

I remember sitting down a day later, having an early morning beer telling Whit to "go for it."

Congratulations to a very special duo.

Blob Nights! Cinema! Suds!

The Blob is coming! The blob is coming!

This week you have a variety of opps to drink copious amounts of Sly Fox Blob Ale.
T'is an imperial red. Although a "big beer," it does have a nice balance of Hops and Malts.

Sly Fox beer specials.
I would get there early to get a seat.
Sly Fox Cans will also be featured

In Pursuit of Ale BLOB mixer @ N. 3rd
Gents can join the ladies this week!
Blob starts pouring at 8:30.
the Flick will start at 9:30 in the Back bar at N. 3rd.

Valanni Belgian Beer Din Din

Next Tuesday, the 19th Valanni's going belgian for the night. I actually attended and cohosted one of their beer dinners last year. It was well executed by Evan Turney and John Strain.

If you have nothing on the agenda so far, and a mere $55.. .
There's also two seatings Between 6 and 6:30 or Between 8 and 8:30.

Belgian Family Brewers Beer Dinner
August 19th

What could be better than a fabulous beer dinner in August? We are bringing in Bruce Wright, importer, former chef, and Belgian Beer connoisseur for this event. Executive Chef Evan Turney, Chef de Cuisine John Strain, and Bruce Wright put together a brilliant menu of Belgian beer and food pairings. You don't want to miss this one!

1st Course
Kasteel Triple
Lobster, Scallop, & Striped Bass Ceviche
ancho chili, avocado, fresh mango, cilantro

2nd Course
Brigand Golden Ale
Salad Lyonnais
poached egg, frisee, Belgian endive, lardons,
crispy potatoes, red wine vinaigrette, olive oil

3rd Course
Kasteel Rouge
Tamarind-Ginger Glazed Pork Ribs
rutabaga puree, white asparagus

4th Course
St. Louis Framboise
Bing Cherry Sorbet

5th Course
Gouden Carolus' Grand Cru of the Emperor
Grilled White Mission Figs, Rogue River Blue Cheese,
Grand Cru-port reduction

Early seating 6:00-6:30 Late seating 8:00-8:30
Five courses with beer pairings $55 per person.
Visit our website for reservations