January 14, 2009

7 and counting: 44 things to love about Local 44

After two trips to Local 44- I am inspired to do a
" 44 things i love about Local 44" list.

It will take me at least two more trips to get to 44. But I can start now.

1. I actually didn't struggle with parking on either trip.
2. Jukebox...the classic mandates such as "Pet Sounds" as well as the obscure.
3. Fish Tacos-battered and fried mahi mahi
4. Wings that are like mini fried chicken with a sweet sticky glaze of sorts
5. Opened up the joint with Cantillon Lou Pepe on draft for a mere $8
6. Pouring Sly Fox Pale Ale on cask-=which is d right drinkable.
7. They have this interesting pully/wheel mechanism on a steel door separating the dining room from the bar that fascinated Lance.

37 more to go.


  1. If you need a suggestion...

    #8- Mini Corn Dogs and a Yards Brawler...Delicious!!!

  2. I would add that the service was fabulous. It was packed when I went but our waitress was both unstressed and friendly, and very prompt...i just need to be more adventurous w/ my beer selection next time. when is beer club goin?

  3. wouldn't that be 7 and counting?

  4. I look forward to going...especially since it's so close to work!

  5. I enjoy how they shout when you table is ready....i enjoy shouting