January 16, 2009

Flying eagles...Flying Fish...

Casey's Hughes of Flying Fish is working on building a new brewhouse there on Olney Ave.

Here he is with John Fiorelli, his right hand man.

Hughes is also releasing a new Espresso Porter this month.

He got all real coffee on us.

The new imperial espresso porter is brewed with 40% Ethiopian Sidamo, 35% Sumatran and 25% espresso coffee's.

I gave up coffee on Nov. 12-=-so I now get my java gratefully and solely via my favorite beverage thanks to people like Casey, Philadelphia Brewing Co, Ithaca, and of course Founders.

And note the word Imperial- it weighs in at 8.2% abv.
Draft and bottle.
Count on joining me for a glass at Good Dog sometimes soon.


  1. I'm pretty sure you can thank John for shaming Casey into finally using real coffee.

    But what do I know?

  2. Has this one arrived at Good Dog (or anywhere else) yet?

  3. Not yet...I will keep you posted.
    They are having a release at the brewery this Tuesday.