January 23, 2009

Get yout iron liver out for Iron Hill's Belgium Comes to the W.C.

The 3rd annual “Belgium Comes to West Chester” celebration of locally made Belgian style beers takes place tommorrow, January 24 starting at 1.

This year Lance and the IH crew will be pouring more than 27 American-made Belgian style beers from 17 guest breweries and six Iron Hill locations.

There will be once and done's from Harpoon’s (Wild Hibernian) PBC’s (Walt Whitever) and Yard’s (Belgian IPA).

There will be a "world premier" (Flying Fish Imperial Belgian Mild)

and stuff that doesn’t get out of the proverbial house to often like (General Lafayette, Nodding Head, McKenzie’s, Stewart’s etc).

What else?

*A bus of fools ( I say this because I'm on it) is leaving Philadelphia at 1 pm. I also say this because Casey Hughes is on it.

*Snazzy Tee Shirts have been made

*It's a Pay as you Go


Iron Hill West Chester; Eddy, (Brett Cannibal)

Dock Street; Born Again Tripel (American Tripel)

Troegs; Mad Elf

McKenzies; Wallonia DeLuxe (High Gravity Farmhouse)

Earth Bread + Beer; Lil Pylon (Dubbel)

Nodding Head; OTay (Belgian Buckwheat Ale)

Ithaca; White Gold (Golden Ale finished w/Brett)

Iron Hill Lancaster; Permanent Midnight (Belgian Strong)

Flying Fish; Belgian Mild

Harpoon; Wild Hibernian (Irish Red fermented in a barrel with Brett)

Iron Hill Media; Straight Lambic

Victory; Abbey 6

Ommegang; Three Philosophers

Sly Fox; Abbey DExtra (Belgian table beer)

Iron Hill Phoenixville; Honey Saison

Nodding Head; Rudys Kung Fu Grip (Belgian Strong Ale)

Ithaca; Brut (sour ale)

Stewarts; Stumblin Monk (Belgian Strong Ale)

Manayunk; Tripel Lindy (Tripel)

Yards; Belgian IPA

Iron Hill North Wales; Cherry Dubbel (barrel aged w/Brett)

Ommegang; Chocolate Indulgence

Iron Hill West Chester; Saison (the last of the actual medal winning batch)

General Lafayette; Bière aigre de fraise (sour strawberry beer)

Lancaster Brewing; Tripel


  1. A bus you say? Where and when, and how many fools can it hold?

  2. What a blast this event was! On Friday afternoon I was driven down to Philly by a friend promising a great time, kind people, a place to sleep, and beer. The following morning I find myself in a semi wakeful state with the promise of a breakfast. I powered through the usual morning blues and find out we have to walk!? Of all things. Then after breakfast I find I will be chauferred around the city in an almost futile, and certainly comical search for some mysterious hog product called pork roll. Who ever heard of TWO breakfasts in a day? Why Me? At least I was rewarded for this series of injustices when my captor is rudely knocked down a peg by some crabby oldtimer as we exited the diner. That will teach her to walk through open doors.

    After this, and in spite of my constant protest, I am finally led to what appears to be a bus full of normal people. Much to my amusement everyone had a beer in hand and my hopes of a relaxing weekend were about to be realized.

    A short while later we arrived at Iron Hill and were ushered towards a room full of beer. I try to resist but to no avail. I soon fell under a spell and the rest of the evening is all but lost.

    Only one detail remains vivid. I recall an intense dark haired man of about 5'7" stealing my dinner from me as a table of cruel onlookers laughed.

    Why? Why?