January 27, 2009

IPA ladies drink a bit o' beer in the Big Apple

In Pursuit of Ale regulars Elizabeth and Mary head up to New York for the weekend. The diligent drinkers sent in a li'l recap....

Mary and I went to NYC for the weekend. I thought you might want to hear about our beer adventures. We started off at a place called the Village Pourhouse, in the East Village. It was recommedned by Time Out New York as a great beer bar but was totally lame. just your average sports bar with sam adams and the irish imports. We then got smart and looked up beer advocate for their recs. We went to Blind Tiger, on the border of West/Greenwich village. They had a great selection of beers (including Sly Fox) but we didn't stay because it was way too crowded. not even standing room left. I did hear a couple say the following: boy: It looks like it's mostly beer and wine. girl: well, i'll have a glass of wine then. we then finally made it to the ginger man, on 36th and lex. It was also crowded but we managed to find room and stayed there to close (4 am!). It was pretty awesome. They had an amazing wall full of taps (I'm pretty sure they had sly fox, too). I had an "Obamagang," Southhampton White, and I don't remember what else. I need to start writing this stuff down. They had a ton of PA beers but I wanted to get some more exotic stuff. Their draft list was great. they had lots of bottles, too, although not as many as a place like Monk's. This place could definitely become a favorite.

The only drawback is that they didn't appear to serve food. Which seems typical - it was full of drunkorexic girls : ( and a few too many d-bag guys, but I guess that's New York for you"

Thanks for writing Elizabeth!

To note: Elizabeth later realized they did serve food. She also remembered that she had a Dekonick winter ale.


  1. The Ginger Man is a small chain of bars in Texas. Most appear to be converted houses. Small, cozy, good beer and cigars is the main theme. In Dallas, it is one of only 4 places where a person can get a good beer. It may not be competitive with Monk's out here, but in TX, it's a God-send!

  2. The Pourhouse is more of a frathouse. Shame you wated your time there. And the Blind Tiger is great, but it does depend on what time you show up. Can make a world of a difference. Should've shot over to Williamsburg-Brooklyn. Plenty of great beer bars and all close to eachother.

  3. Drop-Off Service is a GREAT bar for beer snobs in the E.Village. It's on Ave A and, i want to say 11st. When i was there about a month ago, they have things on tap like Arrogant Bastard, Delierium Tremens, a few lambics, and 19 others! Great jukebox too, as well as plenty of seating. oh, and you can bring your dog too!