January 26, 2009

Maybe celery root isn't so bad when coconut bacon is involved...

I don't really order salads out that often. They've got to have something enticing.
Like bacon- for example.
Or coconut that tastes like bacon, as they do at the Memphis Taproom.

Jesse Kimball has outdone himself for the 25th time this year. It is January 25th, right?

He took coconut shavings...cured them with maple brown sugar and salt and SMOKED them in his smoker in the lot next to the taproom. Amazing. It looked like bacon and tasted like bacon with a hint of coconut. The salad is also chock full of a variety of nuts, and celery root. The dressing has a bit of a kick to it. And it just plain kicks ass.

Memphis Tap room has also announced their plans for Philly Beer Week. Spanky will be hosting the "No repeat Beer Week." He'll be tapping and kicking local one-off constantly for 10 days.
Guinness Book of World Records??? He'll also be hosting a Breweriana vintage rummage sale.
Bring junk, buy junk and drink great beer. Saturday March 14.

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